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Competition Amongst Sperms

03-03-2005 14:40

Many researchers are analyzing and extending theoretical and empirical work on different animals especially and human sperm competition. It considers both male and female interests in sperm utilization and the sexual conflict that can arise when these differ. It covers the mechanics of sperm transfer and utilization, morphology, physiology, and behaviour. Sperm competition is shown to have dramatic effects on adaptation in the context of reproduction as well as far-reaching ramifications on life-history evolution and speciation.

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'Stitches in Time' - exhibition, part of Oxford International Women's Festival

27-02-2005 11:24

An exhibition of traditional Palestinian embroidery and South African story telling through tapestry. Presented to you by Keiskamma Art Project (www.keiskamma .org) and Network of Oxford Women (NOW) for Justice and Peace (

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Sweated Labour: Women Workers in the Garment Trade (exhibition)

26-02-2005 12:34

This is the first event in Oxford Women's International Festival 2005, running from Tuesday 1st to Sunday 20 March in the Museum of Oxford. The Festival is in its sixteenth year, and the programme is, if anything, even richer and more varied than before. Most events are free, and many are in or near the city centre. For more details see

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Gay Muslim fights bank harassment

24-02-2005 12:40

OutRage! backs fight for justice

A gay Muslim business manager is bringing a claim of racial victimisation and homophobic harassment against the London division one of the world’s biggest financial institutions, the German conglomerate, Deutsche Bank.

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Opportunities for Women

24-02-2005 08:58

Workers Educational Association (WEA)
Margaret Sanders Branch
invites you to celebrate the achievements of women.

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Welcome to Oxford International Women's Festival 2005

23-02-2005 16:36

Oxford's 16th International Women's Festival starts on Tuesday March 1st and runs for nearly 3 weeks. This year the theme is clothes - women as workers and wearers. There's a rich and varied programme, mainly free, usually open to both sexes,including a day forum on sweated labour in the garment trade (see posters at More details/posters will appear here shortly.

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QUEERD.i.y weekend.

22-02-2005 15:22

'Queerd' starts on the 1st of april (31st march 4 setting up) and will finish on the 3rd. It will be the first queer all-weekend Do-it-yourself festival to happen in Leeds.

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international women's day - iraqi women's speaker tour

18-02-2005 17:00

NUS Women's Campaign and No Sweat are organising a speaker tour around International Women's Day to promote solidarity with the new women's movement in Iraq. The main speaker will be Houzan Mahmoud, UK representative of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq.

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You can help the world's women get equal rights

17-02-2005 20:02

Your action is urgently needed to encourage the US to join other nations around the world in advancing women's equality.

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Men who batter women are terrorists

13-02-2005 03:57

In the U.S. , the FBI definition of "terrorist" also describes men who beat and rape women.

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Death in Prison & Right to Protest

10-02-2005 12:30

Deaths in Prisons Demonstration


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Activist Scenes Are No Safe Space for Women

09-02-2005 12:34

Activist Scenes are No Safe Space for Women: On Abuse of Activist Women by
Activist Men

By Tamara K. Nopper

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United Nations Women's Rights Expert Concludes Visit To Iran

09-02-2005 12:32

Continuing conflicts which produce refugees

"discriminatory laws and malfunction in the administration of justice result in impunity for perpetrators and perpetuate discrimination and violence against women. "

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Reggae deal to halt gay-bash lyrics

08-02-2005 11:24

Stop Murder Music campaign suspended - Music industry committed to reject violent hate songs

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Defend the victims of Islamist repression

03-02-2005 13:55

Ramzi Isalam says it is time the left sided with the victims of Islamist repression, not the fundamentalists. First published in Labour Left Briefing, February 2005

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Sylvia Pankhurst remembered

01-02-2005 14:55

Peter Tatchell reveals his admiration and affection for the socialist suffragette, Sylvia Pankhurst

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01-02-2005 08:39

class origin of monogamy, Free Love & the nonviolent culture

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(International) March on WDC to End AIDS , May 2005

28-01-2005 20:43

Salih Booker (Africa Action) arrested in front of White House WDC . 26nov02
Planning has begun for a May 2005 'National March to End AIDS' in Washington DC. Leading national AIDS groups including ( invite you to plan to participate in a national and international 'March to End AIDS' that will kick-off in mid-April 2005 and converge on Washington for four days of action, support and prayer on May 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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Tatchell arrested in Holocaust Day asylum protest

27-01-2005 20:43

“Never Again, today means not closing our doors to refugees fleeing persecution. Don’t let Michael Howard dishonour the victims of the Holocaust with his quotas for asylum seekers. Never Again means Never Again.”

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Peter Tatchell arrested

27-01-2005 17:40

Campaigner pleads for asylum seekers at Holocaust Memorial Day