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UK Gender Newswire Archive

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demonstrations in greece against the visit of colin powell

27-08-2004 22:47

anti-war demonstations in athens
(my english is not good so use your imagination)

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Why men suicide in Australia?

24-08-2004 02:29

Australian Prime Minister Website
25 years ago in Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser established Family Court. This Court disciminate against men so fanatically that more than 50,000 Australian fathers couldn't cope with Court decission and killed themselves. Prime Ministers Hawke, Keating and Howard refined the system of this modern genocide.

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Germany axes reggae murder music

20-08-2004 16:38

Buju Banton’s concerts cancelled

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Soul diva Beverley Knight condemns dancehall homophobia

19-08-2004 12:53

UK’s leading R&B singer supports campaign to stop murder music

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Reggae star under police investigation

17-08-2004 09:51

Beenie Man's album launch marred by threat of prosecution

EMI & Virgin back “kill gays” singer

Beenie Man accused of “incitement to murder”

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Sports giant threatens reggae singers

17-08-2004 09:46

Puma issues ultimatum: drop antigay songs or lose sponsorship

Concerts cancelled in Germany, Belgium, UK and USA

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An antidote for apathy

13-08-2004 15:06

Venezuela's president has achieved a level of grassroots participation our politicians can only dream of.

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Father ends crane protest -Liverpool

10-08-2004 00:18

Collin Vallis in BAtman suit
A FATHER of three dressed as Batman last night abandoned a four-day protest on top of a 200ft-high city centre crane in Liverpool.

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Mad Chicks: 9 October 2004

09-08-2004 13:06


I found your details on the ESF proposal pages and wondered if this was of interest - or if
you could forward it to others who might want to be involved.
Mad Chicks, 9 October 2004
Mad Chicks - the girlish section of Mad Pride - is holding a day and
evening of events exploring, raging about and improving women's mental
health. The Union Chapel at London's Highbury Corner will be host to an
info-fair, creative workshops, massage, debates, video, artwork, a cafi
and, in the evening, a great gig with music, comedy, poetry, live arts
and general merriment.

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Beenie Man's PR denies apology

04-08-2004 12:06

Beenie Man's management distance star from "apology".

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Changing Sex, Changing Islam

03-08-2004 21:47

In Iran, transsexuals, changing sex, have been changing Islam as well, under its still theocratic government.

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Beenie Man's so-called apology

03-08-2004 13:52

Dancehall artist Beenie Man's office has released a statemnt "apologising" for his hate-lyrics. However, the "apology" neither mentions who he is apologising to nor whathe is apologising for. A satisfactory apology would go along the lines of:
(1) Acknowledging the suffering he has caused and apologise to the people he has victimized.
(2) Make a positive statement affirming his respect for gay people and his condemnation of homophobic violence.
(3) Come to an agreement with the record companies to withdraw his murder songs from circulation or, if this cannot be agreed, donate his royalties from these songs to a gay organisation campaigning against homophobic violence, such as J-Flag.

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Lambda Project tackles Two-Spirits for Upcoming Rainbow Theater Festival

30-07-2004 03:18

BWT is looking for your stories of spirit for upcoming theater festival.

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Stop Murder Music: Europe Action Alert

28-07-2004 18:05

European gay and human rights groups are being urged to monitor and mobilize against homophobic Jamaican reggae singers who incite the murder of homosexuals.

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'Marxist' Grouplet Launches Homophobic Tirade at Gay Activists, Feminists

23-07-2004 11:41

EPSR hark back to the 'gays are sick' days of the Stalinist 70's.

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Queer Mutiny UP NORTH!

20-07-2004 14:32

Sick of the commercial, manufactured gay scene up north? Sick of funky house, over priced beer, pushy bouncers and Toni and Guy hair cuts? well listen up!
Queer Mutiny North is coming to save you! ...

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Amnesty Says Sudan Militias Use Rape as Weapon

20-07-2004 06:10

An international human rights group has accused pro-government militias in the Darfur region of Sudan of using rape and other forms of sexual violence "as a weapon of war" to humiliate black African women and girls as well as the rebels fighting the government in Khartoum.

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Buju Banton wanted for gay-bashing

16-07-2004 18:30

Buju Banton
Top reggae star wanted on assault charges after gay men attacked in Kingston, Jamaica.

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Nazila’s Life is in Great Danger!

15-07-2004 22:56

According to the latest news from IFIR’s branch in Turkey, Nazila Mohamad Hasani Zamani’s life is in serious danger and she is threatened to be deported back to Iran by the Turkish Government. She was told by the Turkish police that the Iranian embassy has asked the Turkish police to hand Nazila over to them.

Nazila’s life can only be saved by an international pressure on the UNHCR.

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Livingstone wrong on Qaradawi - again

15-07-2004 06:55

“Ken Livingstone has done great work for the gay community, but by rolling out the red carpet for Dr al-Qaradawi he is siding with an oppressor of gay Muslims in Britain and throughout the Islamic world. In the name of fighting Islamophobia, the Mayor is colluding with homophobia. He seems to be downgrading the human rights of lesbians and gay men in order to appease Muslim fundamentalists.”