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This Is The Blood of Our Chilren: Stop the Killing! Women of Iraq statement

15-03-2006 13:57

For many decades now greedy thieves and criminal tyrants have coveted your land and resources. You are destined to suffer the world war mongers and local dirty politicians, manipulating our natural ethnic and faith lives to divide and rule.

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Iraq: Ayatollah Sistani says death to gays

15-03-2006 10:46

Haydar Faiek, aged 40, beaten and burned to death.
Sistani fatwa provokes terror against queers. Shia Badr Corps execute sodomites, Sunnis and others. UK fetes Sistani and hosts Badr, despite anti-gay murders.

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International Women's Day at a Glasgow social centre

09-03-2006 21:50

From 2 till 10 yesterday the chalkboard was filled with a succession of over 40 women, a few girls and the only male - a 4 month baby. We drank tea, ate cake, and laughed together. A wide range of women, from many different walks of life, including feminists, those that were looking for more female companionship and others who had never celebrated IWD before, but had been either walking past or picked up a flyer and curiosity brought them in.

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One binary please, supersize

09-03-2006 00:56

Many of us in the intersex community feel marginalized, ridiculed and excluded from groups which speak for us.

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Unmanageable Variables: London Int. Women's All Day Celebration + Party (wed)

08-03-2006 11:33

Wednesday 8th March 11 a.m. til late
Unmanageable Variables

At the White Post Centre (formerly The Lord Napier)
25 White Post Lane
Hackney Wick E9

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International Women's Day @ the Chalkboard

05-03-2006 21:31

Friendly, informal and welcoming. Organised by local women to celebrate feminism.

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Oxford International Women's Festival 2006 and NOW

05-03-2006 08:50

Haifa Zangana
WOMEN'S VOICES: A celebration. This year the Oxford IWF runs from 4-19 March, with the theme of 'women's voices'. As usual there is an extensive programme and a rich variety of offerings. Brochures are available in public libraries. Here I only have room to tell you a little about the 2 festival contributions from the Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace, both of them open to all (including men!).

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OutRage!-Russian Embassy demo 2 march

02-03-2006 17:22

Report on the demo held outside the Russian Consulate.

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Corporate Watch news: international women's day hijacked by big business

02-03-2006 11:33

Corporate Watch is a small independent research organisation, based in Oxford. We publish research to help those resisting corporate power -- check out

We also bring out a newsletter every two months, and a news update on web and email every two weeks. To subscribe to either of these, please see our website, or give us a call on 01865 791 391

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'Women Say NO To War' - US Embassy, London, March 8th

02-03-2006 09:31

In January 'Women Say NO To War' started a campaign calling for an end to the war and occupation in Iraq. The first step in the campaign is a global petition - the 'Womens Call For Peace'.

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An Open Letter to Clare Short re Hizb ut-Tahrir from Peter Tatchell

01-03-2006 13:19

Clair Short MP is urged not to host the rightwing Islamic supremacist, anti-democratic organisation, Hizb ut Tahrir.

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Protest at banning of Moscow Gay Pride

24-02-2006 13:27

A demonstration in solidarity with Russian LGBT groups will be held outside the Russian Embassy on Thursday 2 March 2006, from 12 noon, to protest the banning of Moscow Pride by the Mayor of Moscow and threats of violence by Russian religious leaders.

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Protest at gay Parade ban-Russian Embassy -March 2

24-02-2006 13:04

Protests to be held ,led by IDAHO (Intl day Against Homophobia), at the Russian Embassy over the Moscow gay Pride parade ban as part of a Euro wide protest.

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Australian Bureau of Statistics to recognize Intersex

23-02-2006 02:49

Australian Bureau of Statistics to recognize Intersex and Androgynous people's right to declare their identity on the National Census to be held in August 2006.

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Moscow Gay Pride banned as Religious groups threaten violence

17-02-2006 09:40

The Mayor of Moscow has banned Gay Pride from the city and religious leaders have denounced gays, including Moscow's Chief Mufti who called for violent attacks on gays while Chief Rabbi says gays have no right to exist.

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Anti-fascists fete Sacranie

14-02-2006 18:15

The UAF would not invite as a speaker someone who said that black people are immoral, harmful and spread disease, or who vilified Jewish people as offensive, immoral and repugnant. Why, then, are they giving a platform to Sir Iqbal Sacranie, a bigot who says these things about gays and lesbians?"

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Queer BarberShop and Shoeshine

14-02-2006 17:49

Queer barbers and shoeshine boys,

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Queer Mutiny Northern Spring Gathering

14-02-2006 17:30

Queer Mutiny North Presents....
The Queer Mutiny Northern Spring Gathering
10-12th of March

If you didn't know already there will be a BIG Queer gathering/Meet up in Leeds on the 10th-12th of March, This is the programme so far... more will be added... BUT its the 'plan' so far...

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17 year old rape victim to be hanged

09-02-2006 12:26

An Iranian court has sentenced a teenage rape victim to death by hanging after she weepingly confessed that she had unintentionally killed a man who had tried to rape both her and her niece.