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UK Gender Newswire Archive

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Demonstration Friday 6 January 2006 outside Egyptian Embassy

04-01-2006 15:11

Demonstration Friday 6 January 2006
from 2:00pm - 4:00pm outside Egyptian Embassy 26
South Street, London nearest station .. Marble Arch

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Mindwalk 25: Looking For Excitement

04-01-2006 10:12

Margaret Cho talks about Bjork and activates Al-Gay-da. Michael Parenti on the haves and the have-nots. Barry Pateman touches on Anarchist morality as does Norman Nawrocki. Finally Auld Lang Sine flavored by Indiginous Artist Raymond Lafferty. Happy New Year from Upstart Radio.

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Greenham Common

29-12-2005 12:04

Reconstruction of rare songbooks the women made in 1987.

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Jack Straw on gays,human rights and any action about Iran

22-12-2005 16:51

Reply received from Foreign Sec, Jack Straw to a letter from a constituent of former Tory leader Micheal Howard.

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Sussex University LGBT

21-12-2005 00:06

A student at Sussex University has just created a discussion forum as part of a new online community for their LGBT group

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Let’s Cut Through This Deafening Silence!

20-12-2005 17:57

A violent attack is underway in Italy against the law n. 194 which regards the ‘norms protecting maternity and voluntary pregnancy termination’.

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It was beautiful

20-12-2005 14:33

saturday club got together during dosummats anti over consumption month to say you cant buy beauty...

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Lesbian hunger-striker ends 33-day fast

20-12-2005 11:57

Zimbabwean still fighting for release from detention - A Zimbabwean lesbian protesting against her detention without trial in a Bedfordshire asylum centre has ended her 33-day hunger strike.

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My life as a Muslim woman

16-12-2005 13:54

They differed with me over what times we are living in.
It is not a democracy when a man can talk about politics without anyone threatening him.
Democracy is when a woman can talk of her lover without anyone killing her.

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Asylum betrayed

16-12-2005 11:06

The Home Office asylum system is corrupt, with applications prejudged and lawyers prevented from properly representing their clients. By Peter Tatchell

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WTO Protests – You Cannot Speak If You Wear Too Little

14-12-2005 19:03

I am a Hong Kong girl who went to protests today in the Victoria Park. My idea today, was to launch an action. It was a peaceful one. Yet, I was besieged by more than ten policemen.

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OutRage!- Jamaican AIDS activist murdered

05-12-2005 16:49

Jamaican AIDS activist Steve Harvey was found murdered last week. .

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Solidarity Needed! 26 Homosexuals under arrest in UAE

01-12-2005 10:41

26 Homosexuals arrested on the 22nd of November in United Arab Emirates, a strong USA ally, are still under police detention. Let them hear your anger, demand that all arrested be free without charges and all persecutions be put to an end IMMEDIATELY! (details at the bottom of article)

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brutal Attack on Defenseless Orphans.

30-11-2005 20:17

USA is planning to test Dangerous Chemicals and Drugs on Orphans and innocent Children worldwide.
Is there a Body Bag for an Orphan near you?

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OutRage!-supports Iran students demo 7 Dec.

29-11-2005 16:17

gay rights group Outrage! has called on all LGBT people to support the demo on Weds 7 Dec 2005 organized primarilyto support Iranian students.

5 more gay people have been 'executed' in Iran recently.

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Reclaim the Night, London, 25th November 2005

29-11-2005 13:44

Photos from Reclaim the Night March - from Soho to University of London Union, 25/11/05. Approx 600 women.

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Polish riot police attack on gays:Demo 24 NOV..

23-11-2005 16:27

gay rights groups OutRage! stages a demo over the attack on gay parade by riot police.
Polish Prime Minister visting London 24 Nov.

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[petition]in support of Poznan queer parade

23-11-2005 09:55

a petition to support the participants and organisers of the Equality March in Poznan (Poland). Please, send it further!

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On the rape of a Filipina committed by 6 US marines

19-11-2005 04:45

This is not the first time U.S. soldiers abused a Filipino woman
We demand that the Philippine Government pursue all means necessary to immediately prosecute the six U.S. servicemen charged with raping a Filipino woman in Olongapo City. The Philippine government should do no less. The government owes it to all Filipino women.

- Laban ng Masa - Pinay (Fight of the Masses/ Filipino Women's groups)

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18-11-2005 09:40