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Reclaim the NIght needed in Ipswich

12-12-2006 16:59

A serial killer is apparently stalking the streets of Ipswich. The police response? To warn women to stay home and to not go out at night.

The streets are deserted and only the desperate women venture out which makes them even more vulnerable. We need a reclaim the night march in Ipswich and we need it soon.

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The Good News Behind the Bad for Middle Eastern Women

10-12-2006 00:04

Nikki Keddie, one of the nation's leading Middle East scholars, argues that despite Western stereotypes, women in many Middle Eastern countries are making great strides in terms of civil liberties and legal rights. But America's disastrous occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan threaten to undo much of the progress.

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NW Feminists: Women are not to blame for rape

09-12-2006 23:30

Saturday, afternoon - Manchester city centre: The North West Feminists took over the city centre with placards, magaphones and info to raise awareness about rape issues.

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All men are responsible for stopping male violence against women

07-12-2006 05:18

All men, both violent and non violent are responsible for stopping male violence against women because globally, men as a group hold more power than women.

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Asylum From Rape Bulletin October/November 2006

06-12-2006 16:31

Our Asylum from Rape Project provides self-help support services to rape survivors seeking asylum. We offer help and referrals, welcome volunteers and provide guidance to organisations on how to meet women’s needs.

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OutRage!: Iraq death squads target gays

06-12-2006 16:28

Gay rights group news release with evidence of Iraqi death squads attacks on lgbt people in Iraq.(see also the story in the current Pink Paper-front page...The article on p10 above the continuation of this story in PP has Home Office minister Ian McCartney pledging to tackle homophobia wordlwide. Yeah right, bet he won't do much about this.....

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Reclaim the Night photos + report

04-12-2006 11:49

Reclaim the Night
On Saturday 25th November over 1000 women took to the streets of London to "Reclaim the Night".

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Afghanistan and liberal blindness.

03-12-2006 21:42

On Iraq, there is some dissent, some unease, some sense that there might be other purposes involved than 'liberation', but when it comes to Afghanistan there is at most a sense that the damned place may be beyond repair, despite our best efforts to create a thriving democracy with equal rights for women there. There is an almost foolproof way to establish that this is indeed the effort underway: you demand proof that anything else is the case, and when it is presented, you dismiss it as a conspiracy theory.

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QUEERUPTION 9 Event at SOAS, Wednesday 6/12, 6.30pm

02-12-2006 12:43

On Wednesday, at the School of Oriental and African Studies on Thornhaugh St. Bloomsbury, Central London, there will be an evening of words, music and pictures based around the Queeruption 9 event which took place in Tel Aviv this summer.

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OutRage!- gay refugees abused at UK detention centre.

01-12-2006 16:42

OutRage! reveals the abuse of lgbt people held in Harmondsworth. (and demands all such places should be closed.)

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Feminist Health Gathering January 2007 Leeds

01-12-2006 14:18

Jan 19th - 21st

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The Weight Of A Woman

29-11-2006 13:40

In the deprived world of income support a woman has the value of one third of a man.

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Reclaim The Night- TOMORROW 6.30pm

27-11-2006 20:30

Oxford University Student Union is organising a Reclaim The Night march on the 28th November, protesting against violence against women and demonstrating for the right of women to walk the streets at night without fear. All women from Oxford and the local area are warmly invited to join the march- we want to unite the local community of Oxford for this march.

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Support Mercy Murua and Peter Gichura, disabled activists at risk of deportation

27-11-2006 17:23

Mercy and Peter
Dear friends
We ask you to take action and speak out in support of Mercy Murua and Peter Gichura, two disabled activists who face almost certain persecution and death if they are deported back to Kenya. Ms, Murua is in WinVisible, and Mr, Gichura takes part in our joint activities, including the "Claim the Buses" transport action day by wheelchair users, organised by Transport for All in August 2006.

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Filipino women demand justice for Nicole, speedy resolution of Subic rape case

27-11-2006 03:35

Justice for Nicole
Women from Akbayan (Citizens Action Party) converged at the Welcome Rotonda today joining nationwide protests for the speedy resolution of the Subic rape case and to call for justice for Nicole.

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Feminist Film season continues in London

26-11-2006 20:26

Great films on December 2 and 3rd in central London

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Misjudging rape

25-11-2006 20:26

Adjudicators (now known as immigration judges) flout international law and even their own guidelines when they consider the asylum claims of women and girls seeking safety and protection from rape.

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Behind the Governments Veil of Deceit

23-11-2006 00:37

News feature in response to the veil (niqāb) issue raging in Europe.

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Reclaim The Screens!

21-11-2006 11:26

Reclaim The Screens feminist film season at Renoir Curzon Cinema: 25th November, 2nd & 3rd December