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27-08-2006 12:22

alternative pride sound system
Free pride

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Iranian Woman Sentenced to Death by Stoning

24-08-2006 22:30

Ashraf Kolhari, a 37-year-old mother of four, has been sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery in Iran. Kolhari was arrested five years ago and has been awaiting her sentence in prison. Recently, she received the decision that she would be executed by the end of July.

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Please sign statement in support of Feminist Fightback conference

21-08-2006 15:55

Feminist Fightback, a one day activist conference for feminist activists, will take place in London on 21 October. Please add your or your group's name to the statement of support for the conference.

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Pink Picnic Bradford

20-08-2006 16:45

Bradford's Pink Picnic took place on Saturday 19th August in Peel Park Bradford.

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Alternative Pride event: 26th August

18-08-2006 12:37

Sick of the box-standard-mullet-growing-beer-sipping Manchester pride weekend? looking for something less pretentious-just be-queer event? Do you like pink but not the pinkpound?

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Voices of Pakistani Women Detained in UK

16-08-2006 17:19

"We always are the slippers of our husbands"

A statement from Maliha, Sajjida, Farzana, Sadia, Adibunnisa, Masooma and Heenia, seven Pakistani women currently Imprisoned in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre

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Fight back for women's liberation - Feminist Fightback conference

14-08-2006 13:27

Feminist Fightback is a conference for feminist activists, sponsored by the Education Not for Sale Women's network, which will be held in London on Saturday 21 October (venue tbc).

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Iranain gays say thanks for Intl support -but do not attack Iran

10-08-2006 15:40

Iranian LGBTs thank their supporters, detail the country's human rights situation, and explain how a war against Iran would reverse progress.

ps:twiglet- As for my putting these articles up - "In an atmosphere of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" George Orwell.

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Hitting the Right Chords

09-08-2006 05:56

Film: Yours Emotionally!
'Yours Emotionally!', a new gay feature from India / UK that highlights issues of South Asian sexual minorities in UK and small town India, is striking the right chords in US festivals.

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Gay Hate Shooting In Weston Park

27-07-2006 18:00

Two men were shot at in a homophobic attack in Weston Park on tuesday night.

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Nicky Cruz/TRUCE Gig "Un-Banned" At Police Insistence

25-07-2006 21:27

Gigs at the Hackney Ocean by a gangster turned evangelist homophobe had apparently been cancelled folowing a local outcry (see the Hackney Gazette website)

Now local police are saying these reports were "premature" and the events may be back on.....

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OutRage!-Neo-Nazi's terrorise Riga (Latvia) gay Pride.

24-07-2006 15:34

Report on the 'banned' gay Pride Parade in Riga, latvia on Sat 22 July.

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Latvia bans gay Pride- Tatchell to attend despite threats

20-07-2006 16:14

Latvia has banned this weekends' gay Pride parade etc in Riga. Peter Tatchell of Outrage etc to attend a parade despite the ban and threats of violence..

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19 July Iran demo's 1st anniversary of gay executions

18-07-2006 15:55

19 July 2006 is the 1st anniversary of the execution of two teenage gay men in Iran on trumped up charges. Demo's are planned around the world, incl London to mark this event and the on-going persecution of gay people in Iran.

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Sexually Assaulting Islam: The Case of "Muslim" Porn

14-07-2006 22:59

Exposes the sexual exploitation of "Muslim" women in Western pornography.

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We are all Radio Paca

13-07-2006 09:11

Tonight, july 12, Radio Paca has been brutally evacuated by the association Centro de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison, where it has been working for one year and 5 months. The streaming has been shut down and on the webpage it was announced that we were "parked".

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Sheffield Gay Day

10-07-2006 20:48

Picnin in the Park event @ Endcliffe Park, 2pm Saturday 12th August

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Birmingham Women Fighting Back!

09-07-2006 11:03

The last ten years have seen reduction in the amount of women's resistance to sexual eploitation, and a rise in the amount of lap dancing clubs in the City. However a group of local women and girls have set out to challenge this.

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OutRage!:Reggae hatesongs-The Truce is Over.

07-07-2006 12:16

Following the news that some of the Jamaican anti-gay reggae singers have re-started to sing their hate songs, UK concerts have been cancelled and the former 'Truce' has been cancelled. Stop Murder Music campaign to re-start..

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LGBT Euro Pride London 2006 - A photo essay

02-07-2006 15:45

LGBT Euro Pride London 2006
There is a photo essay on [copyleft images]