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Feminist Fightback protest against Abortion Lies, London 25 Jan, 2008

28-01-2008 17:35

Washing line and banner outside the CMF office
A small group of demonstrators from Feminist Fightback demonstrated outside the offices of The Christian Medical Fellowship in Marshalsea Street, Southwark on Friday 25 January 2008. All pictures copyright (C) Peter Marshall

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Biggest all female march being planned for 8th March

28-01-2008 13:44

On international womens day marchsaturday 8th 2008 Central London will witness the largest all female march take place.

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Demonstrate In Support Of A Woman's Freedom To Choose

28-01-2008 12:43

*Defend Abortion Rights*

*Demonstrate at Ann Widdecombe MP anti-abortion rally, 'not on your life.. or anyone else's', promoting anti-abortion goals around the human fertilisation and embryology bill.*
*The meeting is jointly organised by hard line anti-choice groups.*

*Assemble outside the Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street (next to Lime Street Station) Liverpool. Tuesday 12th February, 6.15pm*

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Petition For The Lives Of Two Iranian Gay Guys: Hamzeh And Loghman

27-01-2008 23:10

Petition for the lives of Hamzeh and Loghman: two young gay men who are in love and who risk the death sentence in Iran. And let's not forget Pegah: the United Kingdom could still hand her over to the executioner.

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Concepcion Hunger Strike in solidarity with Patricia Troncoso; Mapuche Prisoner

23-01-2008 22:30


"If you die of dignity, we die of shame"*

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Mapuche's Urgent Communicate

23-01-2008 22:27


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Meeting and Training Weekend - 26th/ 27th Jan, London

23-01-2008 08:37

Details of the next Feminist Activist Forum Meeting and training day taking place in London this weekend!

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Support a woman's right to choose: picket the Christian Medical Foundation

21-01-2008 11:22

Join the Feminist Fightback picket of the Christian Medical Foundation to defend the time limit on abortion and oppose attacks on the reproductive rights that women have won in the last 40 years.

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LSE Union Launches "Women's Week" to Combat Gender Inequalities

21-01-2008 00:14

The London School of Economics Students' Union this week launches its annual Women's Week in order to highlight women's issues and gender inequality. The week will consist of a number of events arranged by the SU, a number of its societies and several external campaign groups.

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Help Save Baby X - An IVF created black baby with no rights to a father

15-01-2008 16:52

The website was built in order to raise money for
the legal costs for saving this Black Male child named Baby X and to
raise the issue of how child support is being used for sponsoring both
Immigration and Paternity Fraud & destroying Black Families.

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Freedom to protest - Aldermaston

13-01-2008 17:54

Om Saturday 12 January, Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) joined others around the country in holding a demonstration claiming the freedom to protest. The Atomic Weapons Establishment is subject to SOCPA and military lands byelaws - both of which intend limiting the right to protest.

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AWPC challenges denial of right to freedom of assembly

11-01-2008 15:05

quite so!
A legal challenge to byelaws at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston will take place at the High Court in London on 1 February 2008.

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The fight for equal pay for women: Britain’s Guardian defends union’s dirty deal

09-01-2008 19:09

The Guardian newspaper began the New Year by publishing two January 2 articles and an editorial on women workers employed by local authorities fighting for equal pay.

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"In the State of Israel the Jewish mother is disappearing"

07-01-2008 10:06

The Women in Black are example and paragon of refusal to worship the god of death, refusal to obey the racist laws of the State of Israel .

The action of The Women in Black is in itself the rejection of racist education and the routine systematic poisoning of minds that sustains the schools, the media and the speeches of the nation's elected representatives.

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Zapatista womin gathering:Loud and clear,the struggle will be long and difficult

02-01-2008 08:07

"We tell you so you are clear about it:The struggle will be long and difficult" Traduccion

Impressions from the second day of the gathering amongst zapatista indygenous women and women from the world.

Translation of original article

author Lv

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Plenary: How do we live as Zapatista mothers and girls

30-12-2007 15:57

Plenary: How do we live as Zapatista mothers and girls in the Caracol of La Garrucha

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First day of the Women´s Gathering in La Garrucha

30-12-2007 07:08

Compañeras from the five Zapatista Caracoles, among them children, shared their testimonies of how they were living under the landlords rule before they got organized. They spoke about the process of the struggle to gain more participation in all areas; in education, health, community responsibilities, and high level military ranks. They also commemorated the important work of Comandanta Ramona as an example of struggle to be followed.

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Women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health and….revolution?

30-12-2007 05:59

Since 1994, the Zapatista's have placed women's rights and participation at the centre of their social and health agenda, including the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights. Today the Zapatistas run a health system autonomous from the Mexican government that includes community educators, trained midwives, community clinics and an autonomous hospital. This transformation is promoting women's sexual and reproductive health and rights.
(Tamil Kendall

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A Women´s Gathering called Comandanta Ramona

29-12-2007 21:44

The Third Gathering of the Zapatistas and the World Begins: A Women´s Gathering called Comandanta Ramona