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Sisters of Resistance respond to OG Niki

17-05-2011 18:23

A group of Sisters of Resistance respond to OG Niki and reflect on the ways in which her music, and people's responses to it, arise at the intersection of racism and sexism in a "dehumanising capitalist" culture.

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Oxfordshire Pride gears up for 2011

14-05-2011 20:27

Oxfordshire pride is getting ready for another feast of events to celebrate lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer life in Oxfordshire.

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"Workers Of The World, Embrace!" Homophobia In The French Extreme Left’

09-05-2011 08:59

A Book talk by David Berry - 7pm, 11th May.

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Palestine Today 06 05 2011

06-05-2011 16:40


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Statement from Queer Resistance re: Events on 29th April in Soho Square London

30-04-2011 16:25

On 29th April Queer Resistance the LGBTQI anti-cuts collective planned a Royal Zombie Wedding Celebration in Soho incorporating a picnic breakfast, performances, a zombie blessing and marriage ceremony by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence followed by a zombie flash mob through Soho.

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Accusations against the global sex industry

17-04-2011 22:59

I want to give my support to the accusations against the global sex industry. Indeed I observe from my place in the work against sexist violence that the sex industry is guilty of overwhelming overpowering that is dominating our government, our community and our selves.

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Olga Novoselova released from Yarl’s Wood!

15-04-2011 18:24

We are delighted to announce that at approximately 5 pm on 12 April 2011, domestic violence survivor Olga Novoselova was released from a period of three months’ detention at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre.

Olga has now been reuinted with her family in Bootle, Merseyside where she is continuing her fight against the threat of deportation. A big thankyou to all those who supported Olga during her detention!

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Machism on Brazilian social movements

10-04-2011 21:35

Self-defense feminist against a male chauvinist militant from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Revolutionary Lovers Guide

07-04-2011 16:09

Sister of Resistance have produced a Revolutionary Lovers Guide which deals with how to build and sustain a revolutionary relationship, open relationships and polyamory among a variety of other issues.

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HIV positive victim of sex trafficking and rape faces imminent deportation from

01-04-2011 16:03

Felicia Adjei, a vulnerable woman who was trafficked into the UK and brutally exploited in forced prostitution is facing removal to Ghana TONIGHT, 1 April 2011 on Virgin Airlines Flight VS657 at 10.20pm from Heathrow Airport. She is currently waiting in an immigration detention centre.

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Ann Summers Hit Again

01-04-2011 09:00

Profits from objectification of womens' bodies hit again.

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Letter to Male Activists

21-03-2011 13:36

This letter arose from a specific set of experiences in the activist community and we are aware of the fact that many men will find it difficult to read. However, we publish it here in the hope it will provoke some critical self-reflection among those who need it.

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Dissident Island Radio - Sex Worker Special ready for download

20-03-2011 16:40

For episode 78, the Dissident Island Crew put together something extra hot.. A Sex Worker Special! The show features:

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8 March- women in Iran under islamic oppression

11-03-2011 09:46

women under islamic oppression
Amnesty International’s submission to the Commission on the Status of Women regarding concerns about the harassment and imprisonment of women, including rights defenders and members of minorities, in Iran

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Marching Mothers on the Move

10-03-2011 18:53

On SATURDAY 12 MARCH Mothers are Marching In defence of Everyone's survival and welfare, and for an End to cuts, poverty and discrimination. We'll be meeting on the north side of Trafalgar Square (in front of the National Gallery) at 12 noon then marching to SOAS for a Speak-out. Keynote speaker: distinguished campaigner and author SELMA JAMES
on International Women's Day:how rapidly things change.

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International Women's Day in the Philippines

09-03-2011 12:39

Today, women in the Philippines and all over the world gather in different places and spaces to show our collective strength and make our collective voice heard as we speak out our sufferings, challenges, triumphs and aspirations. Our voices are joined together as we resist the abuses and marginalization wrought upon us by economic policies that discriminate against giving women productive employment, just wages and benefits at the workplace, and opportunities for livelihood and income; by societies that allow, or even promote, violence to be committed against women with impunity; by governments and public institutions that turn a blind eye to the human rights of women.

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West Mids IWW film night and social

01-03-2011 09:22


Ahead of International Women’s Day...

A film by Vicente Arande - a story of Women Freedomfighters in the Spanish Civil War

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Stopping Shells Survey Work

25-02-2011 18:04

Stopping surveying
Today, 12 people from the Rossport Solidarity Camp walked onto the land where Shell intend to build their compound to disrupt survey work. No one was arrested.

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Anarcha feminist Weekend a Roaring Sucess!

23-02-2011 11:53

The weekend of 19th/20th February saw over 40 women and trans people and lots of children gathered at the Rossport Solidarity Camp house for a few days of workshops, discussions and skillsharing.