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Anarcha feminist Weekend a Roaring Sucess!

shelly | 23.02.2011 11:53 | Rossport Solidarity | Ecology | Gender | Sheffield | South Coast

The weekend of 19th/20th February saw over 40 women and trans people and lots of children gathered at the Rossport Solidarity Camp house for a few days of workshops, discussions and skillsharing.

Workshops included woodwork and willow weaving, welding, climbing, knot tying, direct action, herbal medicine, massage, screenprinting, drama. There were also discussions on consent, trans and feminism, resisting controlling and abusive relationships in our communities, and anarchafeminism.

On Saturday some people went over to a bonfire in Rossport to meet some of the local residents. The bonfire was in solidarity with a community in Norway who are in a similar struggle with Shell. And on Sunday a group from the skillshare went down the road to Aughoos for a mass tresspass onto the land where Shell will be erecting fences and building a compound on in the next few weeks, and some survey equipment was removed.

Folks said they got a lot out of the weekend, networking and socialising and learning in an open environment that encourages people to step up and try new things. One of the ideas that came out of the weekend was to form some sort of anarchafeminist network to keep the momentum from the weekend going and continue organising events and skillshares or whatever people can think of! Even if you missed the skillshare, contact the camp at if you would like to be a part of the network.

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