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Hurried Steps

27-11-2009 15:04

Based on eight Amnesty International cases, Hurried Steps, written by Dacia Maraini, directed by Nicolette Kay and performed by New Shoes Theatre, is a deeply moving play of violence on women. It had its UK premier at the Mill Studio in Guildford on 26 November 2009 to coincide with tenth anniversary of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women two days previous.

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Stonewall urges LGBT people to support M&S!!!

10-11-2009 11:42

When a huge wave of complaints reached the Daily Mail because of Jan Moir's homophobic article on the death of Stephen Gately, top advertisers including BT, M&S and Nestle removed their advertisements from the Daily Mail website.
The November 2009 Bulletin urges LGBT people to support M&S to thank them for that.

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Racism and the Censorship of "Gay Imperialism"

05-11-2009 15:42

Peter Tatchell Gags the voices of Lesbian Muslims

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Community Picnic Poses Challenge to Manchester Pride

02-11-2009 15:21

Over the August bank holiday many lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) activists headed to Manchester for gay pride. However, not all came to enjoy the festival, some came to confront what they see as a corporate, anti-political and business-driven machine.

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Woman of Sand / Mujeres de Arena

28-10-2009 11:41

Oval House Theatre, 6pm

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Some thoughts on Anarcha-Feminism

20-10-2009 17:25

This article is a response to the No Pretence intervention at the Anarchist Movement conference earlier this year. It was first published in Shift Magazine (

We have made it available online to inform the upcoming discussions at the Anarchist bookfair on the topic.

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Gordon Brown vists Camden estate as "Police do nothing where women attacked".

15-10-2009 22:43

Gordon Brown made an unannounced visit to a Camden council estate in Gospel Oak. A gran told Gordon how she defended herself and her granddaughter with a baseball bat when 60 male youths chased her, tried to set her on fire, sabotaged her garden and threatened her granddaughter. Gordon visited as people have complained about failed ASBOS and the CNJ reported a lack of faith in police.

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NATO WC Communique #1 One Month to Go!

13-10-2009 19:06

Hello and welcome to the first communique from the NATO Welcoming Committee. This is going to be the way the NATO Welcoming Committee communicates with the media and with people following the mobilisation against the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in November.

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Gude Cause Anniversary March In Edinburgh

10-10-2009 21:27

Here are 20 photos from the `GUDE CAUSE` march in Edinburgh which commemmorated the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement Procession along Princes Street in 1909.

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Anarchists of South Africa are Queer and Proud

04-10-2009 02:22

Anarchism is an ideology that fights against exploitation and all forms of oppression. We fight for a world in which women will be equal to men, a world without racism and class inequality, a world in which LGBTI and queer people are treated with respect.These struggles are part of the anarchist struggle against hierarchy and inequality, for an equal and free world.Anarchists have been at the forefront in the struggle against LGBTI discrimination

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Light On Lapsed Vegan and Now Liar, Lierre Keith

01-10-2009 13:49

The latest meat industry supported attack on vegans and
vegetarians is by Lierre Keith, who claims to be a 20 year

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G20 Pittsburgh: Bash Back! Black Bloc

27-09-2009 23:00

Shortly after 10 p.m., a Bash Back!-themed black bloc a hundred or more strong appeared on Forbes Street between Atwood Street and Oakland Avenue. The march was pushing half a dozen or more dumpsters, which were upended in the intersections while seemingly all the corporate businesses on the block lost their windows. Another dumpster was rolled further down the street and set alight before being upended as the bloc fled north.

See video:

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LGBT Solidarity at Serbian Embassy

26-09-2009 09:17

A peaceful protest took place at the Serbian Embassy in London on Friday 25 Sept to show international solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Belgrade following the cancellation of Beograd Pride, due to take place last Sunday, 20th September. Photos copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Pride Parade cancelled in Serbia due to "security risks"

22-09-2009 12:37

This morning organisers Belgrad Pride held their final press conference before tomorrows pride parade. Except pride will not be held, due to high security risks and a lack of cooperation on the part of state and police to secure the event. Serbian police have cancelled permission for the pride to be held in its planned location in the centre of the city.

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Hermaphrodites speak out in Solidarity with Caster Semenya

22-09-2009 00:43

"Human Rights for Hermaphrodites, too!" - Geneva 25-01-2009 (Photo: Ärger)
Unfair and harmful treatment of hermaphrodites in sports has a long and painful history, shattering careers and crushing lives. When the global media started hounding Caster Semenya, worldchampion 2009 over 800 m, after she had been subjected to a sex test, and she eventually was exposed to be a "hermaphrodite", this was also noted in the intersex community, and several people spoke out in solidarity.

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You protect animals, please protect young girls too!

18-09-2009 21:26

Its time for London Fashon Week again, Its time to glorify heroin chic and the anorectic waif. Its time for young girls, perhaps your sister?, to be bombarded with this perversion of desireable images. Its time fot them to be to;ld they are not right, not beautiful, not worthy.

If the weeks runway events and coverage are insuffucient, there are year round websites devoted to this perversion. Just like there are websites devoted to the practice of some predatory males to prey on young boys.

Confronted with the immorality, the FASHONITA ELITE refuse to back down. Deadly thin will be on the catwalk yet again this year!

Young impressionable ladies ( over a million of them in Britain are already INFECTED with this socially promoted illness)) can follow on facebook and probably twitter feeds.
As the article below notes, these young children can gain "inspiration from celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton" and learn how to be part of this glamorous yet deadly lifestyle.

I'm not there. I just think some Brits should read this article and think about it and hopefully go DO Something to bring the light and some shame to this perverse event, the LONDON "FASHON" WEEK.

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Gays in Iraq. Asylum for the Iraqi gay activist Anwar Basim Saleh

15-09-2009 23:41

Gays murdered in Iraq
Anwar Basim Saleh, the 21-year old Iraqi gay activist from Baghdad, is at present in Holland, where he has applied for asylum.

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ex-political-imprisoned women speak up against rape in Iran

20-08-2009 10:06

“ By Islamic law, it’s illegal to execute virgin girls. So, the islamic regime remedies that little problem, by staging sham “weddings” between the frightened virgin girls and prison guards the night before their executions. The guards then brutally rape the girls.”

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Please help Sima Valand to remain in the UK

10-08-2009 17:48

Sima Valand is desperately fighting to stop the Home Office sending her to India where she is at risk of murder at the hands of her in-laws. Sima has been in immigration prison for more than three months now and this is the third attempt by the Home Office to remove her.

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Correlation Between Abuse of Women and Abuse of Animals

10-08-2009 14:23

Men are the sealclubbers, matadors, slaughterhouse workers
In Australia, Japan, Spain and elsewhere, oppression of women
is correlated to violence toward animals

It is men who torture bulls in rings in blood sports reminiscent
of ancient gladiator contests.
It is men who are the vast majority of hunters and fishermen.
Men are the sealclubbers.

We are to be our sisters' keepers as well as our brothers'.
We are to be our animal sisters' keepers as well.