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The War Against Iraqi Women

06-08-2007 09:35

In other words, “Women had to pick up the pieces” because the men were either mentally or physically damaged by the war, with the situation being exasperated by the “drastically worsened economic situation, as victims of the pauperisation of Iraqi society.”

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What's happened to Liverpool?

30-07-2007 20:39

Worth defending?
The fear is palpable.

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New Wave of State Violence Threatened in Iran

30-07-2007 09:48

Saeed Mortazavi, General and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran in an interview on the television program Kooleh Poshty from channel 3 of the Islamic Republic of Iran's TV network has promised a crack-down on un-islamic dress and behaviours, especially singling out queers.

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The last

26-07-2007 10:45

Curse of the pharaos

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Church to join Gay Pride party

23-07-2007 17:01

A press release explaining the decision of Brighton Quakers to join in brighton Pride celebrations in 2007.

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Who Are the Interventionist Left?

13-07-2007 10:21

The following short article is from the Red Pepper website (, and was linked from the end of the article '5 Fingers Beat 16000 G8 Cops: Are we winning again?' by Ben Trott

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Jack must stay! Being gay is not a crime

09-07-2007 17:34

Hi my name is Jack Monday Ikegwu, I am opening this profile to raise awareness to help fight the criminalisation of homosexuals in Nigeria. Please read my story.

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Pride 2007. Pitiful counter demos.

06-07-2007 00:49

Another massive mobilisation by the enormous NF.
As always, this years Pride demo attracted the unwelcome attention of society's more unpleasant elements. The protests were so pathetic they would hardly be worth mentioning had they not been so fucking comical.

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Pride 2007 photos and report.

05-07-2007 23:07

25 years out and proud.
This years Gay Pride saw one of the biggest turnouts ever despite two factors that would have all but destroyed other events.

Firstly the less than efficient al-Quaida wannabe bombers planted two ‘devices’ on the route of the march two days before. This could have led the Police to cancel the procession or a least reroute it through a less glamorous part of town. Then there was the rain that tipped down by the bucket full from beginning to end. Fortunately the LGBT community and their supporters are not so easily put off proving yet again that by comparison heterosexuals just don’t know how to party.

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British Airways Shame London Pride

05-07-2007 14:09

A very wet Saturday and security concerns after the failed car bombs failed to damped the spirits of London Pride 2007, and neither did the pathetic little protests by the National Front and their brethren from the Christian Right. Beer and broll'ies were the order of the day, with the pink pound ensuring plenty of both flowed through the damp streets of London.

(Content and photos may be used freely under the Creative Commons, non commercial, share-alike license. Copyright remains with the author)

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NGO denounces UK lies Legal Advice for Asylum Detainees

05-07-2007 00:20

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) is an independent charity that exists to challenge immigration detention in the UK. We work with asylum seekers and migrants, in removal centres and prisons, to secure their release from detention.

In response to recent parliamentary questions the UK government made out the that the support that BID provided to women and children in Yarl's Wood amounted to adequate provision for legal advice on navigating the UK asylum and detention system.

The volunteers of BID totally reject this mis-representation of their work, read on understand what's really going on in detenion centres in the UK today.

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Get Bent! Manchester's Alternative Community Pride Summer Festival Wants YOU!

04-07-2007 12:36

Get Bent! Shout Out to ALL unfunded grassroots groups and projects to have free info stall in Manchester City Centre venue over weekend of 24th - 25th August 2007! Get Involved with Get Bent! Manchester's 10 day free festival... Coming Out August/September 2007!

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Queers Banned at Pride!

01-07-2007 12:01

Marchers carrying banners with the word 'queer' displayed on them were forbidden from displaying them at yesterday's Gay Pride event in London

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Urgent Action for women in Ciudad Juarez

01-07-2007 01:47

Members of an organization set up to fight for justice for women abducted and murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, and lawyers working with them, have been threatened and harassed, apparently because of their work.

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Report: gay schoolkids at great risk of attacks

26-06-2007 15:39

Gay lobby group Stonewall today released a 24 page report which clearly shows the extent of homophobic bullying and attacks within UK schools.

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Iraq descends into clericalism and barbarism

26-06-2007 10:41

Gay Iraqi human rights activist reveals that for most Iraqis, life is now worse than it was under Saddam.

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Film showing, speakers and social in solidarity with women and workers in Iran

17-06-2007 17:08

This night of discussion in solidarity with women and workers in Iran is being organised as part of Ideas for Freedom, the weekend of socialist debate and discussion organised by Workers' Liberty.

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Award winning film duo join forces over climate change

14-06-2007 20:59

2 welsh women turn their lens towards the environment.

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Calling Activists involved in the struggle against sexual orientation oppression

11-06-2007 21:03

I'm launching a Swansea based campaign aimed at raising awareness of the plight of qweer/LGBT persons in Poland, Russian and Eastern Europe. I am calling on anyone who has been involved in the grass-roots struggle to speak at our launch invent in September.

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Letter from women detainees at Yarlswood IRC

07-06-2007 10:33

... We are victims of torture, rape and ill treatment from our
countries having been forced by circumstances to flee our countries
of origin in search of safety and protection.