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How Not to Handle a Rape Allegation: the Case of the SWP

11-01-2013 06:44

With a political backdrop of horrific rapes in India and Ohio, and the unfolding coverup of British entertainer Jimmy Savile’s decades of raping and molesting minors, Andy Newman of the Socialist Unity blog published the 27-page transcript of the British Socialist Workers Party’s (SWP) internal debate surrounding its Disputes Committee report that found that rape, harassment, and abuse charges against ousted Central Committee (CC) member Martin Smith to be “not proven.” This report was accepted by a razor-thin margin of 231 votes for, 209 votes against, and 18 abstentions.

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'Scared' Self-harming Sexually-active spy seeks sympathy, sues Scotland Yard.

25-11-2012 19:08

Yesterday the Daily Mail reports that former undercover cop Mark Kennedy is suing the Met for "for failing to ‘protect’ him against falling in love with a woman in the group of eco-warriors he was sent to infiltrate."

Kennedy who is clearly on an offensive to win public sympathy is quoted as saying:

‘When I was exposed, I started drinking heavily, cutting myself and plunged into a deep depression. I was tormented with guilt over the hurt I’d caused.’

And also that:

‘I still have to watch my back because there are people out there who want to harm me. My life has been destroyed.

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The Interface Of The Mormon Church And Electoral Politics

30-10-2012 00:29

Mormon political connections to war, race, the environment, women's rights, and other political issues and action

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LaDIYfest Sheffield Weekender - 2nd-4th November

18-10-2012 19:46

Sheffield’s anti-capitalist, feminist festival LaDIYfest returns for its second year this November, taking over venues across the city for a weekend of practical activities, discussion workshops, spoken word and live music. Events run from 2nd – 4th November with all funds raised going to local women’s charities.

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OSARCC is now recruiting for volunteers

30-08-2012 11:54

We are currently looking for new volunteers to staff our telephone and email helplines. Full training will be provided and we look for women who are sympathetic to our principles and who are team players. We require volunteers to have a good level of English and they must be able to be involved for a minimum of 18 months. Training commences in October 2012 and runs over a series of evenings and weekends.

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Sheffield Queer Fringe Event First Meeting

29-08-2012 19:49

6pm Wednesday 5th September, Kelham Island Tavern

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London Anthropology Talks every Tuesday evening

26-08-2012 18:05

Researchers into the origins of human language, mythic narrative and ritual have recently made exciting new discoveries. It is now known that symbolic culture began emerging in Africa some 100,000 years ago, in a social revolution whose echoes can still be heard in mythic narratives and ritual traditions from around the world.

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Pussy Riot Support Newcastle

31-07-2012 16:07

Newcastle support for Pussy Riot

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LaDIYfest Sheffield presents... Hair Today! Hair Tomorrow? Workshop

24-07-2012 20:41

We will explore the hairy politics of how women's bodies are being patrolled and controlled by societal expectations to shave and groom in a discussion workshop and zine-making session about body hair.

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FemCells Women-Only Gig Tonight!

08-06-2012 11:09

A night of music, stand-up and female camaraderie at LARC.

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FemCells Women-Only Gig Tomorrow!

07-06-2012 13:13

A night of music, stand-up and female camaraderie at LARC.

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EDL planning meeting at LGBT bar in Bristol during Pride

17-05-2012 10:48

The homophobic racist EDL will be in town during Bristol Pride to spread their hate and bullshit

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Sheffield Against Sexism March 28th April 2012

02-05-2012 13:22

Last Saturday around one hundred and fifty people marched through Sheffield City Centre in response to Sexism in our city. Supported broadly across Sheffield under the banner of 'We will not calm down "dear"' women, men and children united in a loud and angry demo against austerity measures and their disproportionate effect on women.

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St. Andrews Queers show O'Brien their backsides

15-04-2012 13:28

St. Andrews students protest O'Brien sermon at St. Salvators Church. Following O'Brien's recent comments his invitation to deliver a sermon was criticised by the Student Association and the LGBT Society organised a demonstration. Autonomous queers acted of their own accord and walked out of the sermon in protest.

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Radical Anthropology Talks

13-04-2012 15:06

Seal mask
Symbolic culture began emerging in Africa some 100,000 years ago, in a social revolution which has lessons for us today....

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GFEST 2012 Open call for artists announced

05-04-2012 10:47

We are looking for submissions from artists and organisations, with a particular focus on collaboration across art form, age and cultural backgrounds. The festival accepts submissions in three categories: films, visual arts and performance.
The deadline for submissions is Friday 29 June 2012.
Submissions are accepted on:

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Stop Nike Cheating Women Workers!

27-03-2012 20:36

Stop Nike Cheating Women Workers!
Scotland Feminista

Saturday, 31 March 2012
10:30 until 12:00

On Saturday 31 March join Scotland Feminista’s protest outside the Nike store on Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

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Culture or politics? Feminism’s Answer (repost)

09-03-2012 18:25

As Claire from Oxford said ...

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Volunteer for Oxford's rape crisis centre (repost)

09-03-2012 17:23

OSARCC is now recruiting volunteers.

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The Shame of Portsmouth Water - The Scandal of Havant & Waterlooville FC

03-03-2012 05:22

Portsmouth Nazi Watch were disgusted to be forwarded the comments being made by 45-year-old Portsmouth Water supervisor Steven Clarke, a Leigh Park member of Portsmouth North East Division of the English Defence League [EDL].

Our disgust turned to shock when we discovered this diminutive ex-657 crew football hooligan has been allowed to propagate and spread his insidious and vile views to impressionable young boys as young as an official coach for Havant & Waterlooville Football Club.