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The Interface Of The Mormon Church And Electoral Politics

Mormonism Examined | 30.10.2012 00:29 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Gender | Cambridge | World

Mormon political connections to war, race, the environment, women's rights, and other political issues and action


The Mormon church and Mitt Romney preached until the 70's that no black could be an elder in the church. Romney was a missionary in France promoting this racist policy in 1969. In the 1970's the NAACP threatened a boycott of Mormon businesses. The church then changed its policy.


Mormons have perhaps the highest percentage of any US sect of war-supporting members. Their numbers are higher than their percentage of population in the CIA, the military.


The Mormon church owns outright many ranches and factory farms which cause several kinds of environmental pollution from lowering of the water table to pollution of water systems with trillions of gallons of animal waste with their colon bacteria... which in turn generates salmonella for the neighbors of these places. Insecticide, fertilizer, hormone and antibiotics are some of the many kinds of residue from the operations. Such cattle ranches are involved in deforestation, drought, and global heating. In Florida Deseret Ranch is the nation's largest cow-calf operation, totally owned by the Mormon church. It sprawls over 3 counties, is 300,000 acres with 44,000 captive animals frequently whipped.


1. Women cannot be elders in the Mormon church. Romney as a lifetime Mormon and bishop for 10 years has tithed to this church and enforced its policies.

2. Romney as bishop enforced the Mormon church policy that single women must be excommunicated or give their baby up for adoption... Peggy Hayes, victim of this, has taken her story to the Boston Globe and BBC.

3. Both Romney and Ryan as well as the Mormon church support abortion by bombing... or the killing of pregnant women in illegal actions run by the 3 Republican Bush wars, all of which were illegal.

4 . Romney has flipflopped on abortion and prolife issues with 4 different positions at 4 different times, sometimes voting for the Mormon position, sometimes pandering for votes.

First Romney's position was women should not be allowed by men to have abortions.

Second he ran for governor in Massachusetts and in order to be elected said women (who could die in childbirth) had the right to control decisions about their own bodies.

Third, after election, he vetoed bills allowing abortion or access to over the counter morning after pills. (Such contraception takes money away from gynecologists and hospitals.)

Fourth: Now after many decades of saying otherwise he in the October 16th debate said women should have access to contraceptives.

In addition. Ryan his running mate authored legislation which would deny abortions to the victims of incest and rape... this is the Mormon position.

5. Romney as bishop enforced the Mormon church policy that single women must be excommunicated or give their baby up for adoption... Peggy Hayes, victim of this, has taken her story to the Boston Globe and BBC.

6. One of the reasons that Romney has not withdrawn his endorsement of Todd Akin, Missouri Senate candidate and Republican who defended the policy of government bans on abortions of women who were raped or subject to incest was that the Mormon church believes that Jesus will come again and set up a US kingdom in Missouri.

7. More on Romney as a Mormon bishop:
"Romney refused to allow an infertile couple to take advantage of the LDS adoption service until the wife agreed to quit her job and be a stay-at-home mother. Other reliable reports of Mitt's years as a Mormon clergyman have him excommunicating adulterers, calling homosexuals under his authority "perverse,"warning a middle-aged divorced woman that she was not allowed to have sex, and telling a leading Mormon feminist, "You're not my kind of Mormon."

8. Sonia Johnson in her book From Housewife To Heretic about excommunication from the Mormon church recounts her odyssey to freedom.

9. Polygamy was outlawed by the USG and after that by the Mormon church. There are perhaps 42,000 renegade polygamous Mormons. Mitt Romney's father was born on a polygamous commune in Mexico. His grandfather grandmother and other several wives had fled there. His great grandmother wrote in a diary of the pain of being ordered to move over and accept a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wife.


1. The Mormon church opposes the use of caffein which is dioxypurine. Far more harmful is the trioxypurine promoted by the church with its ownership and investments in many ranches and factory farms. Mammal, bird and fish flesh all contain uric acid or trioxypurine which is more harmful than dioxypurine. Uric acid results from the pre-urine present in animals' muscle cells before they are killed. Neither Mormons nor Adventists are supposed to smoke or drink alcohol, but a 7 year study by the USG many years ago indicated Adventists live an average 7 years longer than Mormons.

2. Insecticides: The Mormon church has worked to eradicate countless numbers of grasshoppers and other insects.


Bruce Jessen developed terror techniques for the CIA... became Mormon bishop



Arthur Conan Doyle in his story "A Study In Scarlet" wrote of Mormon murders of blacks.

"All I said about the Danite Band and the murders is historical so I cannot withdraw that, though it is likely that in a work of fiction it is stated more luridly than in a work of history.


The Mormon church more than any other US sect is as a church invested in many businesses. It links mammon to its preachings more than others.


As of 1948 Native Americans could not vote in some Western states in which Mormons had a significant population.


While the Mormon church claims it is diverse in political party representation, there has been a virtually unbroken record of Republican senators representing Mormon concentrations in Utah.

"For not yielding to the wishes of the L.D.S. Church, in 1965, Mormon Congressman Kenneth W. Dyal said he received “abuse, threats, blackmail and vicious attacks on my integrity from corporations, church members and their leaders.” It was perhaps for this reason that resisting the Church was not common."

In 2011, 15 Mormons were in Congress.

Mormon positions on polygamy and race were changed by US law and NAACP boycott.

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Re: The Interface Of The Mormon Church And Electoral Politics
By Anonymous, submitted on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 6:23pm

Business Week reported that the Mormon church owns 2 million in Burger King stock, 1 million in Domino's Pizza stock, Bain Capital stock etc

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