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UK Gender Newswire Archive

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Appeal for donations to bring grassroots organisers in the Bolivarian Revolution

23-09-2006 21:19

You may have seen our notice of the visit of two grassroots organisers from Venezuela – Juanita Romero and Gastón Murat. (Both are interviewed on our film, Talking of Power.) We are now appealing for your help in covering the costs of the three-week speaking tour.

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Council of Bishops, Elders and Christian Leaders calls for lesbian, gay, bisexua

23-09-2006 21:07

Task Force praises Christian leaders' courage in standing against fear-based religion and political manipulation in the name of Christianity

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Women Stroll/Roll, Rally against Welfare Reforms -- Manchester

23-09-2006 20:59

Rally at the Labour Party Conference, 25th Sept

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Phone Home!

23-09-2006 20:43

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Iran : Save Kobra Rahmanpour !

22-09-2006 20:10

A father’s desperate plea to save the life of his young daughter

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OutRage!-Demo: Uganda stop persecuting gays

21-09-2006 10:28

Gay human rights group Outrage! are joining an NUS-LGBT protest the on-going persecution of lgbt people in Uganda. Fri 22nd 4pm.

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19-09-2006 23:49

A public meeting with Palestinian activist Rauda Morcos

Rauda Morcos, poet, teacher and co-founder of Aswat (‘Voices’), the
Palestinian feminist lesbian organization will speak about the work of Aswat, Palestinians inside Israel and the effects of Israeli occupation.

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Schools Out Petition over Chris Moyles' derogatory use of the word 'gay'.

18-09-2006 09:58

The ubiquitous use of the word 'gay' by young British people to mean anything without value, or substandard must be challenged, otherwise it will fuel a culture of acceptance around homophobia.

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17-09-2006 07:53

Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association
News Release – 12 September 2006

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A Worlwide Call To Arms

14-09-2006 06:53

Please help save the life of a grandmother

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Greenham - Peace News online archive published

12-09-2006 15:39

This month, to mark the 25th anniversary of what was to become Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, Peace News delves into its archives from the 80s and publishes a new Greenham archive with almost 40 articles online (more to follow when we find the time/energy/volunteers).

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OutRage! (and HRW)- Uganda-45 gays 'outed in witch-hunt-arrests follow

08-09-2006 12:44

Gay rights group OutRage! exposes the 'outing' of 45 gays by a Ugandan newspaper (Red Pepper) in a witch-hunt against lgbt people. arrests have followed.
Human Rights Watch (USA) have also condemned the Ugandan authrities and newspaper.

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45 gays outed in Uganda witch-hunt

07-09-2006 16:46

The Ugandan tabloid newspaper, Red Pepper, has outed 45 gay and bisexual men, including army officers, priests, university lecturers, entertainers, bankers, students and lawyers. It also published details of five venues popular with gays and lesbians.

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Feminist Fightback conference - more details

06-09-2006 13:58

Feminist Fightback is a conference for feminist activists, which will be
held on Saturday 21 October at the School of Oriental and African Studies,
London. Please see below for our launch statement.

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Haiti: Declaration by the Commission of Women Victims for Victims

05-09-2006 07:42

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, September 1, 2006: Despite the threat of violence amidst continuing arson attacks and gun battles in Port-au-Prince’s poorest neighborhoods, hundreds of women victims of rape will march through the capital today with faces veiled to raise their voices against ongoing violence and discrimination against women. On the occasion of this historic march, the Commission of Women Victims for Victims (KOFAVIV) has released the following declaration:

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OutRage!: The Talibanisation of Iraq...

04-09-2006 14:10

OutRage! highlights the greatly increasing threat to lgbt people in Iraq from extremist muslim group(s).

(Cue..rant from 'Twiglet'..?)

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Manchester Gay Pride Parade: Pictures 2

31-08-2006 20:46

Saturday on the August Bank Holiday. Starting on Deangate at 2pm, the parade including 200 floats, snaked it's way round the city centre, finishing with an event at Princess Street.

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Manchester Gay Pride Parade: Pictures 1

31-08-2006 20:40

Saturday on the August Bank Holiday. Starting on Deangate at 2pm, the parade including 200 floats, snaked it's way round the city centre, finishing with an event at Princess Street.

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Feminism and Climate Change

30-08-2006 19:57

The Feminism and Climate Change workshop acted as a forum for some really positive discussion. There was a good mix of ages and opinions, with valuable input by the men who attended. We discussed everything from climate change to the education system, science fiction and reproductive health. For a lot of people there, the links between feminism and climate change were new so it ended up being educational for all.

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Feminism And Climate Change

30-08-2006 11:51

Workshop tells us Climate Change can happen with feminism.