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Feminism and Climate Change

Em | 30.08.2006 19:57 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Gender

The Feminism and Climate Change workshop acted as a forum for some really positive discussion. There was a good mix of ages and opinions, with valuable input by the men who attended. We discussed everything from climate change to the education system, science fiction and reproductive health. For a lot of people there, the links between feminism and climate change were new so it ended up being educational for all.

The Feminism and Climate Change workshop on Wednesday was a really positive part of the Climate Camp. For many there who had not previously thought about the link between the two ideologies, the workshop allowed free and easy discussion about the issues involved. The first half of the workshop was a personal account by Elizabeth, the workshop facilitator, about how she came to be a feminist and about the changing face of feminism in the 70's, 80's, and how feminism became depoliticized in the 90's. It was interesting to hear from a second wave feminist who has stuck to her radical roots, and still lives by the ideals of political feminism. There was a group discussion about a wide range of topics including the rise of technology, feminist spirituality, the education system and the environment. The workshop ended by a discussion of the worst and best case scenarios of what will happen if we don't change the way we treat the planet, and our 'homework' to convert 5 people to a more egalitarian way of thinking.

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