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UK Gender Newswire Archive

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Brighton ZineFest this weekend!

19-02-2011 12:22

Two days of events!

For venue info check our website!

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Domestic extremists or domestic goddesses?

16-02-2011 22:00

Aldermaston women in a spot of domestic extremism .....

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Emperor Silvio will make you ‘queen for a night’

13-02-2011 20:52

While the crisis deepens and the precariousness spreads, the old PM and his court are busy relaunching their own personal vision of women’ s role in society – a rehashing of all the old tired clichés.

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Anarcho-Bicyclist Conference Manchester April 2011

12-02-2011 21:22

A weekend of discussions, workshops, rides and activities from Friday 8th April to Sunday 10th April, 2011. We invite people to share skills, information and ideas.

Open to both individuals and people from grassroots and anarchist bike projects from everywhere in the UK.

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Save Sheffield Sure Start Children's Centres

10-02-2011 17:00

Sure Start Centres all over the country are under threat of closure and budget cuts. In Sheffield the Council may cut funding to all Sure Starts by 15%. Join the campaign to resist this cut.

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Sexual Prey in the Saudi Jungle

29-01-2011 02:34

He was an officer in the Saudi Royal Navy assigned to the strategic Saudi base of Jubail in the Persian Gulf. She was a single mom from Mindanao, in the Philippines, who saw, like so many others, employment in Saudi Arabia as a route out of poverty. When he picked her up at the Dammam International Airport in June, little did she know she was entering, not a brighter chapter of her life but a chamber of horrors from which she would be liberated only after six long months.

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Blockade of Scotland Yard against police abuse

24-01-2011 19:42

Dozens of women, protesting against the sexual abuse of women by undercover police officers, successfully blockaded Scotland Yard this morning!

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Attacks on democracy by the police state

23-01-2011 02:52

will the real Mark Stone aka Kennedy please stand up
Police State infiltration of activists has no place in a democratic society. There is urgent need for a full Judicial Inquiry.

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Abuse of women by undercover police must stop now! Women's blockade on Monday

22-01-2011 17:26

Women in the UK should not have to worry about being sexually abused by policemen. It is as simple as that.

In response, we call for women to come together for a blockade of Scotland Yard, in protest at political policing and in solidarity with all women who have been exploited by men they thought they could trust.

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Women's blockade of New Scotland Yard - Monday 24th 8am

21-01-2011 19:03

Abuse of women by police must stop now!

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Miss England Competition near you

09-01-2011 22:52

Regional competitions are soon taking place throughout England for the final Miss England 2011. The website has details of all the regional heats, so find out if there is one near you!
It would be great if there was resistance to Miss England throughout the country.

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Censorship Forced on London's Gay Art Festival GFEST in 2010

13-12-2010 16:20

GFEST - Gaywise FESTival organisers in London faced a tricky censorship stipulation from GFEST 2010 venue Hampstead Town Hall - where the visual arts exhibition was held in Nov 2010 - to cover a few queer art works post exhibition closing time. They have written to the Town Hall Trustees / board of management to seek their official clarification but haven’t heard anything as yet.

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Location of BNP's "Secret"Conference Leaked -- They're in Leicester!!!

11-12-2010 10:04

The BNP's Conference is taking place at the Best Western Leicester Stage Hotel. The Address is 299 Leicester Road, Leicester LE18 1JW.

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Assange and Interpol.

08-12-2010 11:42

A positive step to end sexual violence

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Hackers take down Mastercard site after wikileaks donations are banned

08-12-2010 11:25

Mastercard goes down
Hackers have launched a DDOS attack on the website, following its announcement that card holders may no longer use their cards to donate to the besieged likiweaks.

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Dissident Island: Latest show ready for download

05-12-2010 16:03

Lots of interesting things to listen to here, check it out...

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Lesbian couple humiliated in Hampshire

01-12-2010 11:14

Lesbian couple humiliated in Hampshire

Register office staff unhelpful & obstructive

Legal action now planned by Katie & Colette

Gay marriage ban violates Human Rights Act

‘Equal Love’ campaign seeks gay marriages & straight civil partnerships

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Demonstrate with Women Against the Cuts

25-11-2010 10:07

Demonstration Tuesday 30th of November, 5 - 7pm at the Treasury, Parliament Street, London (nearest tube Westminster).

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Heterosexual couple refused civil partnership

23-11-2010 15:49

Peter Tatchell 23 November at 15:20 Reply • Report
Heterosexual couple refused civil partnership

Battle for straight equality continues

Next phase: legal action in the courts

‘Equal Love’ campaign opposes exclusion of straight couples

Bristol, UK - 23 November 2010

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Reclaim The Night (Oxford)

19-11-2010 17:58

On the evening of 22 October, 150 women marched through central Oxford to ‘Reclaim the Night'.

Article taken from Issue 1 of The Ox-Fly - Oxford's radical newsletter: