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Million Women Rise London March

08-03-2010 22:18

Young women from Tower Hamlets
Several thousand women marched through London on Saturday 6 March, taking over the street as they passed as an all-women area and calling for an end to male violence against women. The march started along London's major shopping street, Oxford Street, before going through Piccadilly Circus and on to a rally in Trafalgar Square. Photos (C) Copyright Peter Marshall, 2010, all rights reserved.

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8th of March in Palestine (by Latuff)

07-03-2010 23:55

8th of March in Palestine
8th of March, International Women's Day, remember the brave Palestinian women.

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International Womens Day; mass demonstrations against Hijab Tehran 1979

07-03-2010 17:24

demonstrations for womens rights in Iran 1979

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Newcastle protest in solidarity with Yarl's Wood Hunger Strikers

06-03-2010 17:53

Members of No Borders North East unfurled a banner from a rooftop in Newcastle city center this morning. They were showing their support for the women from Yarl's Wood detention center, who have been on hunger strike for several weeks, and demanding an end to immigration detention.

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Oxford Radical Forum 2010

04-03-2010 22:30

We are proud and excited to present to you the third Oxford Radical Forum, taking place Friday - Sunday, 5 - 7 March.

The Oxford Radical Forum is a FREE three-day event bringing people together to discuss and debate key issues for the left and critical political thought, from climate-change to women's liberation, culture, racism and resistance.

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Million Women Rise! March and rally -Saturday 6th March - London

03-03-2010 19:22

This Saturday see the 3rd Million Women Rise! March and rally in London.
There are coaches going from all over the country. For further details visit or ring 07727 419634

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Solidarity With Yarl's Wood Hunger Strikers

02-03-2010 11:14

We spoke with nineteen women yesterday who confirmed they remain steadfastly on hunger strike.

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Big Pharma security thug threats to kill gay AR activist with crack cocaine.

15-02-2010 19:54

A thug working for a private security firm on behalf of a pharmaceutical company have threatened to kill animal rights activists with crack cocaine & make it "look like suicide". The homophobic thugs have said they will rape & kill the man his family members with crack & a noose. The thugs burgled his house and stole family photos & told the AR activist " we will rape your gran, your mum & aunt".

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Haitian Women’s Groups Send Out Plea for Sanitary and Other Supplies for

11-02-2010 18:53

Haitian Women’s Groups Send Out Plea for Sanitary and Other Supplies for Women and Girls

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Facebook to Ban Breastfeeding Advocacy Group for "Obscenity"

09-02-2010 08:46

Facebook is yet again courting controversy, this time by threatening the imminent removal of a group of almost 250,000 breastfeeding advocates - on the charge that their breastfeeding photos are sexual.

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Refugees/gay Rights. Stop the deportation to Burundi of Alvin Gahimbaze

08-02-2010 00:43

“His life will be in serious danger if he is deported back to Burundi due to the ethnic clashes and the serious institutional homophobia”. The human rights activists are appealing to the United Nations and the European Parliament to save this young man's life.

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A day of Anarcha-Feminism - 30th Jan Brighton

27-01-2010 10:54

A completely free day of super feminism for all ages and genders

10:30am onwards
The Cowley Club London Road

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"Hermaphrodites" in sports: IOC and IAAF deny responsibility

17-01-2010 20:24

IOC Rally, Lausanne, Dec. 19, 2009
Discriminating, unfair and harmful treatment of intersexed athletes ("hermaphrodites") in women's sports has a long and painful history. The "suspected" athletes' dignity and human rights keep getting violated on a regular basis by both of the ruling international sports bodies, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), as well as by their subsidiaries and affiliates.

Until today, the governing bodies keep on denying their responsibilities and refusing dialogue, as well as seemingly reacting only when forced by public pressure, and if so pro forma only.

Case in point: The IOC's attitude with regards to their syposium on "'ambiguous' gender cases" ending in Miami today. demands justice!

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Can You Hear Us? Women’s uncensored experiences of detention and deportation

05-01-2010 18:45

Come hear how despite being: isolated, denied access to dependable lawyers, subjected to slave labour and negligent healthcare, abused and assaulted during deportations, and terrorised by the threat of being sent back . . . women continue to organise creatively in defence of themselves and their children.

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Aldermaston: training, lobbying, actioneering

05-01-2010 18:28

A brief update on current and forthcoming opportunities for campaigning against the next generation of British nuclear weapons - including lobbying, direct action and training.

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ESRC Seminar Series: Fat Studies and Health At Every Size - Bigness Beyond Obesi

04-01-2010 13:33

The first of a series of gatherings on Fat Studies and Health At Every Size is about to take place in Durham. This radical meeting of critical scholars is free to attend, and bursaries are available for people on low incomes.

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Barbarism begins at home. Anarchists agains the family

23-12-2009 23:11

Family as another Modern institution to be destroyed since it proves unable to be resignified. Merry Xmas.

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Polish High Court Refuses Return of Australian Child

16-12-2009 05:06

Panagiotis Laskos with father Dimitrios
Australian child Panagiotis Laskos was abducted to Poland in 2007. After a two year battle to have his child returned under the Provisions of the Hague Convention, the Polish High Court has ordered that Panagiotis is to stay in Poland.

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Justice Denied: Women victims of torture face a lifetime of suffering

09-12-2009 13:16

Medical Foundation
"Whether perpetrated in conflict or in peace, the root causes of violence against women [are] deep-seated inequalities and discrimination"

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Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum

30-11-2009 14:10

Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum
The Charter of rights of women seeking asylum officially launches its new campaign briefing and film today. This is timely as the government has just published its strategy to end violence against women and girls – disappointingly there is very little mention of women seeking asylum.