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28-06-2006 22:23

Dressed down and dragged up, in pink mirrors and out of closets, they’'re all here at Kaffequeeria’s very first film festival, a weekend packed with queer-themed classics, shorts and documentaries from both new and established filmmakers.

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Support Iranian women's struggle for just and equality

28-06-2006 01:27

On Monday, June 12th, a peaceful women’s gathering in one of the street in Tehran was savagely attacked by the Iranian Islamic regime police and about hundred people (mainly women) were arrested. As you see in the picture for the first time the Iranian authority used women police with tear gas and batons to beat women protesters, baking with the secret

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OutRage!: 19 July- Intl Day of Action against Homophobic Iran

26-06-2006 12:56

OutRage! launches an Intl Day of Action against homophobic persecution in Iran. Several cities worldwide already setting up demo's. Email and letter actions also.

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Defeat the Bigots in Nottingham

22-06-2006 09:31

Christian Voice have been organising protests outside Jerry Springer: The Opera all week. At first we protested on Freedom of Speech. These people are much more dangerous - they are Homophobic Bigots of the worst kind.

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TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE? necati zontul torture trial without witness or testimony!

20-06-2006 16:46

necati zontul and front cover torture cartoon film "My big fat greek... welcome"
(I think we should point out that both the writer and the victim of these dreadful incidents have been Oxford residents for the last few years, so it is legitimate for them to publish to Oxford Indymedia. eileen)
Necati was raped and tortured by Greek coastguards on the island of Crete in 2001, while an immigration detainee. Today, 5 years after the event, 5 men found guilty in 2004 (though charged with lesser crimes of abuse and sexual assault) remain in uniform. An appeal that we understand will see their acquittal today takes place in the absence of Necati and in the absence of his evidence. Necati's letters to the court have been ignored, and his attempt to telephone the court revealed astonishing bias in favour of the guilty coastguard officers. such is justice in Greece. The Prime Minister's office and the President's office have so far declined to comment.

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Qaradawi again threats gays...

18-06-2006 13:59

Ken Livingstone's apparently 'fave' muslim cleric Sheik al-Qaradawi has called for gays to be burned!!

Ken should repudiate and disassociate himself from this cleric now !

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Invitation - women-only action camp weekend

16-06-2006 08:29

From evening of 7 to evening of 10 July, Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp is hosting an action-oriented event outside Britain's nuclear weapons factory. There is also a (mixed gender) Block the Builders action on the Monday 11 July at Aldermaston, with possibility of women-only action (if enough women come down over the weekend)

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Climate Change Speaker Series event

14-06-2006 09:33

Another event in the COIN Speaker Series on Climate Change will take place on 22nd June - 'women and climate change, is the female of the species more deadly than the male?'

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Defiant Gay Pride goes ahead in Warsaw

12-06-2006 12:00

Poland's LGBT community defiantly marched through Warsaw on Sat (10th). Although initially banned by the city's Mayor,the 'conservative authorities' allowed it during last week,but some far right and religious groups were out in opposition...

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Canadian Lesbians challenge UK 'full marriage' bar

06-06-2006 15:53

A Canadian lesbian couple are at the High Ct today to challenge the UK's refusal to recognise their 'marraige' made in Canada.

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Burning Bush

06-06-2006 08:10

In what the oposition calls diverting public away from the war, Bush sets out more right wing pandering.

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An Unprecedented Police Corruption Scandal

06-06-2006 04:26

What you are about to read will seem beyond belief because it reveals that a major story that has been hyped up in the media for the past twenty-five years is the opposite of the truth. It has to end now.

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Don't deport Elizabeth:Support Ugandan lesbian with 3 days until deportation

31-05-2006 10:29

Elizabeth is now booked onto a flight to Uganda on Friday 2nd June - she is unlikely to survive on return.

We have just three days to convince the Immigration Minister to stop her deportation and to convine KLM not to fly her. We CAN do this by making lots of noise and making a general nuisance of ourselves.

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Activists arrested as gays defy Moscow Pride ban..

28-05-2006 13:50

Reports from the Moscow gay Pride parade and conference which have gone ahead despite the threats of bans and violence...

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OutRage!:Tatchell defies Moscow gay ban...

25-05-2006 13:09

OutRage! and Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell goes to Russia to defy the ban on Moscow gay Pride event and IDAHO conference.
Religious and far right groups threaten violent reponses...

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Call for antipatriarchy-antiheterosexism focus at European PGA conference

25-05-2006 00:15

We invite you to contribute to nine days of debate, learning and - hopefully - organizing around questions of gender, the fight against male domination and heterosexism - this summer, from Saturday 19 to Sunday 27 August 2006, in the context of the decentralized part of the European PGA conference.

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Marcos: Women without fear

24-05-2006 09:49

Light and shadow, listening and seeing.

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Infousurpa no 24

17-05-2006 18:06

Weekly Independent Poster of Social Centre activities

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Stop deporting gay refugees protest (17.05.06)

17-05-2006 18:06

"Stop deporting gay refugees" protest outside the Home Office today.

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Intl Day Against Homophobia. May 17th.

17-05-2006 15:21

Today, May 17, is IDAHO Day- International day Agaianst Homophobia. Main Press release and also a Press release from Jean Lambert Green Party MEP.