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UK Gender Newswire Archive

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OutRage!- IDAHO demo: May 17: defend gay refugees

16-05-2006 15:53

Gay rights group OutRage! joins IDAHO-UK for a demo outside the Home Office as part of IDAHO Day events.

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Gay Jody- 2 face 30 years for his murder

13-05-2006 15:29

The two people who admitted the murder of Jody Dobrowski, the gay man killed on Clapham Common face 30 year jail sentences.

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LGBT Network Community Fair

09-05-2006 15:26

Find out what's happening in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas. There will be stalls, talks and information from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community groups. 7.30pm, Wednesday 31st May 2006, at the Centre at St Pauls, Hills Road, Cambridge. No charge.

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special rights

07-05-2006 14:45


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Iraqi Police execute 'gay' child

04-05-2006 14:43

Ahmed, aged 14, shot dead on doorstep - Murdered to cleanse the community - Fundamentalist police blamed – Ahmed, gone but not forgotten

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Temple Cowley Pool closure

04-05-2006 06:45

Council threat to close or substantially change local swimming pool in a way which pool users do NOT want - petition.

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5 May: "evil SERCo" AGM (and SOCPA)

26-04-2006 22:25

Outside last year's AGM
Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) invite anti-WMD types, people working on detention centre issues, and anyone with a grudge against PFI in general, to join us for a good, colourful/noisy moan outside (and inside for those with shares) the Serco AGM.

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Archbishop of Canterbury appeases Nigerian homophobia

24-04-2006 09:24

Archbishop of Canterbury appeases Nigerian homophobia
But US Bishop condemns Nigeria’s anti-gay repression
Anglican leader of Nigeria backs savage homophobic law
Fear grips the lesbian and gay community in Nigeria

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South Ldn fascist exposed

23-04-2006 13:53

As he's appeared on a gay website publicizing his own 'New Right' blogspot shite here's his details for all... AntiFascists pls take note.

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Iran's state murder of gays

20-04-2006 09:54

Victims framed for kidnap and rape
"Deportation would be a death sentence"
Asylum urged for gay Iranian refugees

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New Women's Publication to Be Launched

17-04-2006 09:23

The University of Nottingham Women's Campaign is searching for contributors to a new campus publication this term.

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QUEERUPTION 9 TEL-AVIV - Open Meeting & Talk in Brighton

15-04-2006 19:18

Queer activist & member of organising group for Queeruption 9 Uri Ayalon will visit Brighton on 21/04/06 as part of European speaking tour. Queeruption 9 is an anrcho-queer DIY event in Tel-Aviv and will include workshops, art, parties, sex party, direct actions, joining the international world pride march in Jerusalem & demonstrating against the wall.

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realfathers4justice - easter protest

13-04-2006 22:59

the 'real fathers for justice' have done a easter 'crucificition' demo at westminster abby - pictures + more information

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Cross-party support for IDAHO before launch, 7th April

05-04-2006 11:08

Statements of support from UK Political parties have provided a major boost to campaigners for an International Day Against Homophobia, in time for the big launch of IDAHO-UK on April 7th.

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68th Woman Organizer Killed in the Philippines

04-04-2006 06:13

This is the 68th killing of a woman activist under the Macapagal-Arroyo government and with the ascendancy of Brig. Gen. Jovito Palparan in the Philippine military. Palparan led the Philippine Mission to Iraq which was forced to leave when a Filipino worker was kidnapped. He has a string of human rights violations charges against him, none of which has prospered. During his tenure in the province of Mindoro Oriental, 18 progressives were assassinated, including a young town vice-mayor active in women's rights campaigns.

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Poland: Queer club occupied and under siege

30-03-2006 02:08

Warsaw City Council, run by the ruling party PiS (Law and Justice Party), has ordered the closure of 'Le Madame', a popular gay club and counter-cultural/political hub. The place has been occupied, and surrounded by cops. Apparently, there's a 48 hour period of grace, which expires on Thursday.

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Queer love and the commonwealth

27-03-2006 04:03

In at least 32 commonwealth nations, being gay can still get you a hefty prison sentence.

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Anti-war, pro-human rights

20-03-2006 13:02

No Foreign Occupation of Iraq. Don’t attack Iran.
No Islamist State, No Sharia Law
Stop Islamists killing queers and women in Iraq & Iran

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Big Party / Bigger cause

16-03-2006 12:57

The campign to free Judith and Mariah is gaining momentum.
Last week we succesfully stopped Judith's deportaion to Uganda. It's not ofter you get a chance ot party hard for a good cause, and the occupied social centre has got it all...