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Nottingham Pride 2009

27-07-2009 20:15

Nottingham's 7th Gay Pride took place on Saturday 25th July. For the first time, the celebrations at the Arboretum were preceded by a march from the Forest Recreation Ground.

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Support for No Pretence Intervention

20-07-2009 23:31

The London Profeminist Men's Group (LPMG) wishes to thank and support the Anarcha-Feminists who made the "We Make No Pretence" intervention at the Anarchist Conference 2009.

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Message to the women of Iran

15-07-2009 08:04

Women's Liberation Iran

Your struggle against the misogynous regime of the Islamic Republic has gained great respect and admiration in the world. Your struggle has been followed by the world.

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Women volunteers wanted for work in Palestine

10-07-2009 11:42

International Women's Peace Service in Palestine is currently looking for women to join our team of volunteers in Palestine. We are looking for women able to spend a minimum of three months in Palestine and willing to support IWPS work outside.

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Domestic violence survivor and PA to disabled woman threatened with deportation

09-07-2009 09:28

Jessica Davanzo, a survivor of domestic violence and a Personal Assistant essential to her disabled employer, has been unjustly threatened with deportation by the Home Office, in direct contradiction of its claim to be "building a safe, just and tolerant society".

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Chase that crazy beenie out of town& Nottingham carnival

04-07-2009 21:22

""inciting the murder of homosexuals, with lyrics such as, "I'm dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays""
He is soiling the nottingham Caribbean carnival right now & will be at Isis night club in Lenton until 5am tonight

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Racist Murder in Dresden, Germany (trans)

03-07-2009 00:26

Yet another example of racist brutality in the land of ideas.

During a hearing at the State Court in Dresden, 31-year-old Marwa was stabbed 18 times in front of her 3-year-old sun by 31-year-old Alex. Ten months before, the man had hurled racist insults at the women at a playground, which resulted in a fine 3 months later.

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What's body fascism doing in a nice riot like this?

27-06-2009 23:02

Imagine the following scenario: a reporter from a mainstream magazine goes to a Climate Camp event, and asks for someone to do an interview with. The media team sends a camper to do the interview, and this camper happens to be Asian, or black. The reporter says: "Sorry, our readers prefer to look at pictures of white people. Do you have anyone white we could interview?" How would the Climate Campers react? Hopefully they would tell this reporter to fuck the hell off, at the very least.

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Working Class QUEERS at Sheffield Pride:

21-06-2009 18:20

English Democrat and newly elected Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies – the man with the Welsh name who wants to reclaim Monmouthshire – has threatened to cut funding to the town’s annual Gay Pride event. He says…

“My policy on gays and lesbians is very simple. I don’t think councils should be spending money on them parading through town advertising their sexuality.”

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Rape as torture

19-06-2009 19:08

I've been investigating stories which touch on abuse and rape at Abu Ghraib, so I picked up on a recent story that many will have missed about ICC decisions about rape and torture in the Central African Republic.

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Nopretence post-action statement

15-06-2009 21:50

On Sunday, June 7th a group of anarcha-feminists took the Stage at the Anarchist Conference 09 to protest about sexist oppression within the movement. They projected a film and read out a statement.

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Zagreb LGBTIQ Pride

14-06-2009 18:26

poster mobilizing for zagreb pride
Yesterday the 8th LGBTIQ (lesbiangaytransintersexualqueer) pride took place with around 500 people in zagreb, the capital of croatia.
The pride this year was for two reasons something special. On the one hand the stonewall riots have their 40th anniversary in 2009. On the other hand it was first time this year that a legal "anti-pride" demonstration was announced by variouse small croatian fascist and nationalist groups and parties.

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Gay Rights: Save Ali and Roodabeh, Iranian Homosexual Refugees

13-06-2009 23:40

EveryOne Group, IRQR and a network of human rights organizations are asking the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Turkish Government for international protection and asylum for Roodabeh and Ali, two Iranian homosexuals.

Sign Petition now:

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LGBT RIGHTS. Asylum for Roodabeh and Ali, two Iranian homosexuals

12-06-2009 11:03

" ... They live in a state of anguish (as well as discrimination, seeing they are both foreigners and homosexuals) knowing their lives are in danger. They survive only thanks to the commitment of individuals and human rights organizations, but their condition will deteriorate rapidly if their right to international protection is not urgently recognised... "

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Benefit gig for Iraqi LGBT UK.

11-06-2009 07:30

Next Wednesday June the 17ththere will be a benefit gig at the Grosvenor in Stockwell. It is for the Iraqi LGBT UK group who are raising much needed cash to help shelter Iraqi LGBT activists from all kinds of bigoted repression including beating, torture and murder.

8pm till close. £4.00/£5.00 Wednesday June 17th
The Grosvenor
Sidney Road, Stockwell, London, SW9 OTP

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Strawberry Fair Supports the Rape Crisis Center

09-06-2009 10:12

Collecting signatures at Strawberry Fair
Along with international campaigns, Cambridge City Amnesty International collected over 150 signatures in support of the Cambridge Rape Crisis Center, which is constantly under threat from lack of funding.

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No Pretence – the video

09-06-2009 09:57

Here is the video that was projected by a group of masked-up anarcha-feminists who stormed the final plenary of the Anarchism Conference in London last weekend.

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No Pretence Statement

08-06-2009 23:29

Below is the statement that was handed out by the group of anarcha-feminists who took the stage at the anarchist conference to talk about sexism in the movement and in capitalist society.

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anarcha-feminist intervention

07-06-2009 20:55

news of an anarcha-feminist intervention at the anarchist movement conference