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UK Gender Newswire Archive

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No to United States Intervention in Venezuala

05-06-2004 17:12

A referendum to recall President Chavez as well as a number of anti-chavista elected officials is being called for August. US pressure to overthrow President Chavez and get its hands on the oil of the venezuelan people is greater than ever. We demand that the media report what is happening in Venezuela rather than act as employees of the hated and unelected Bush administration

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Oxford Students Appeal for RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afgha

05-06-2004 16:07

Oxford University Students Union Women's Campaign invites fellow students to join them in a summer picnic for the women of Afghanistan on Monday 7 June in St John's College at 5 pm. They'll be plenty of free food and drink available (including fairtrade) and Pimms will be sold as part of an appeal for RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. Students are also being encouraged to donate their books...

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Abuse of Iraqi prisoners provokes anti-gay hate among Arabs and Muslims

02-06-2004 23:31

The US military’s use of homosexuality to humiliate Iraqi prisoners has been condemned as “homophobic sadism” by the gay rights group OutRage! It says the officially sanctioned culture of homophobia in the US armed forces is directly to blame.

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Stop the BNP - Neo-Nazis threaten queer human rights

01-06-2004 10:12

Lesbian and gay men are being urged to vote in large numbers on 10 June to
help stop the racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic British National Party
(BNP) gaining seats in the local, European and London elections. It
currently has only a handful of local councillors.

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Queer theory and violence against women

27-05-2004 18:47

I want to talk about how queer and ‘postmodern’ theory has affected the ability of feminists and lesbians to organise against, or even to recognise violence against women. In queer and postmodern theory, based on liberal individualism, important forms of violence are renamed ‘transgression’, ‘choice’ or ‘agency’. I shall concentrate on 3 forms of violence here, men’s prostitution abuse of women, the violence of transsexual operations, and the violence of the ‘body modification’ industry.

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Abuse of Women Detainees at Abu Ghuraib

27-05-2004 04:28

A scandal that has not yet broken in the press is the story of how many women ended up in US prisons. Iraqi women were also abused at Abu Ghuraib, according to the Taguba report and reports of photographs seen by the US Congress.

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More On Torture Of Women In Iraq

23-05-2004 23:46

RE: Black Women's Rape Action Project; Women Against Rape
More photographs have come to light, which have been sent out recently with our statement to women legislators in US and UK about the rape of Iraqi women by the military. Please demand an answer from your MP, and send them our statement (, and send us their reply.

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Torture of Iraqui Women

16-05-2004 14:10

The recent exposures of rape and sexual humiliation in Iraq by the US
military have focused on the torture of men. We are circulating three
documents about what is happening to women at the hands of the US and
UK forces, both Iraqi women and women in the US military.

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Gays attacked at Palestine rights protest

16-05-2004 14:05

OutRage! joins the National Day of Action for Palestine
Lesbians and gay men from OutRage! and the Queer Youth Alliance joined
today’s demonstration in London to support the human rights of the
people of Palestine. But they also urged the Palestinian Authority to
halt the arrest, torture and murder of homosexuals.

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Urgent support needed for PGA Asia conference

13-05-2004 14:49

The Asian regional and gender conference of Peoples' Global Action (Dhaka, Bangladesh) is in urgent need of financial support. One of the funders has backed down in last minute and now we are facing not having enough money. We need to get a minimum of 10,000 Euros from a miracle in less than 7 days.

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Vancovuer Canada May Day March Photos

02-05-2004 00:47

Union Members Protest the Death of The Union Contract
Vancouver Canada May 1/04: A sprited group Union Members and Social Justice Activists marched threw the streets of downtown Vancouver to show support for the Labour Movement and to currently striking Hospital Empoyees Union Members who have been order back to by the BC Liberal goverment.

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Where's Feminism? Everywhere and Nowhere (Indypendent)

27-04-2004 22:08

This world really needs a new feminism, and the editors and contributors are right on to ground feminism in social movements dealing with real life and not just the simulacra of representational politics. But saying that all issues are women’s issues because women are involved or are leaders misses the point.

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Pressure grows on RESPECT to come clean on abortion

19-04-2004 12:02

Pressure is growing on RESPECT -in particular George Galloway- to make a firm stance on the issue of abortion.

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Womens Right to Choose Picket of George Galloway

18-04-2004 20:14

Monday 26th of April, Leeds University. Pro-life MP George Galloway is speaking on the Respect platform. We are organising a picket of the meeting demanding clarification from Respect candidates on how they would use their votes if elected.

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Danny Glover - Haiti & Venezuela: A Personal View

29-03-2004 10:37

Saturday 3 April, 2pm
Place: Trinity United Reformed Church, Buck St, London NW1 (Kentish Town Rd end, behind Camden Sainsbury's)
Entrance: £3 unwaged, £6-10 waged (no-one turned away for lack of funds)
Wheelchair accessible (toilet nearby)

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News From Nowhere 30th Birthday

27-03-2004 14:54

News From Nowhere Radical Bookshop in Bold St, Liverpool, will be celebrating its 30th Birthday in style with an unusual programme of events. The women’s collective which runs the shop as a workers’ co-operative is proud of their success in surviving everything from fascist attacks to the rise of internet bookselling.

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Oxford Women’s Festival - Greenham film screening

26-03-2004 17:03

Thalia Campbell the co-ordinater of the sculpture project
The was a screening of the undercurrents film "Greenham the making of a monument" as part of the women’s festival, bring many of the original Greenem women together to remember this powerfull direct action movement from the 1980's. If there are a women’s group who would like to organise another oxford screening the is a copy of the film available for use.

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Islam, women and gender

19-03-2004 13:12

The Tasneem Project criticises both Muslim apologists and fundamentalists on the issue of gender.

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Thirtieth Anniversary of the Chipko Movement

18-03-2004 14:12

Send greetings to Reni village as they commemorate the
direct action that saved their community forests and
inspired a generation of women to struggle for forest rights
in the Indian Himalayas

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Former Texas Mayor Compared to Alt Miss Ireland

18-03-2004 12:00

Candy Sheehan, the former GOP mayor of Coppell, Texas, was compared to former Miss Alternative Ireland (1997) , Shirely Temple Bar, yesterday in Dublin on live, national television (RTE 1)