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Former Texas Mayor Compared to Alt Miss Ireland

maggie sinclair | 18.03.2004 12:00 | Gender

Candy Sheehan, the former GOP mayor of Coppell, Texas, was compared to former Miss Alternative Ireland (1997) , Shirely Temple Bar, yesterday in Dublin on live, national television (RTE 1)

Too bad Candy Sheehan didn't know about Ireland's beloved, uncrowned queen, Shirley Temple Bar, when she was told she looked just like her! When asked by RTE presenter Derek Mooney if she and Coppell were Bush supporters, former mayor Sheehan replied "We just love him!" Mooney then told Sheehan that she reminded him of Shirley Temple Bar. Sheehan didn't recognize the name--guess she doesn't follow Tellybingo, but Mooney reassured her that Shirley was "a very popular girl"!

Poor Shirley! Imagine being compared to such a right-wing wacko! The International Gay and Lesbian community should be outraged by this incident. Shirley's a doll, while Sheehan, both inside and out, seems to be something of a nightmare. If you want to compare for yourself, just check out these links:

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