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The case for socialist feminism: class, capitalism and women's liberation

06-03-2007 16:38

An opportunity to come and discuss socialist feminist ideas.

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International Women's Day in Liverpool

06-03-2007 11:28

We are going to have a protest outside George (Asda's clothing line) in Liverpool City Centre on Thursday for International Women's Day - since its mainly women workers who produce the cheap clothes for ASDA, Tesco & Primark. We'll meet at 4.30 outside George (or 4pm at the basement) and stay until around 6.30 (or closing time, if that is sooner).

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Mass murder of Afghan women & children

05-03-2007 09:22

It is clear that passive killing, passive mass murder, passive holocaust-commission and passive genocide involve the same moral culpability as the corresponding active processes. Indeed you can be the judge of to what extent what is clearly an Afghan Holocaust, the Mass Avoidable Death (MAD) of Afghans, constitutes Genocide (albeit a Passive Genocide that nevertheless involves the same moral culpability as Active Genocide) by simply considering the precise wording of the relevant parts of the UN Genocide Convention.

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Iraqi Feminist in London Targeted by Islamists

04-03-2007 11:42

Houzan Mahmoud, Representative of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq has been threatened by Islamic Fundamentalists. On February 26, 2007, Houzan received an e-mail signed by Ansar al-Islam, the notoriously brutal jihadist group based in Kurdistan/Iraq.

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Celebrate International Women's Day @ The Working Class

03-03-2007 15:31

Celebrate International Women's Day @ The Working Class
Movement Library

Saturday 10th March 2007 2pm

Speakers: Nes Brierley, Bernadette Hyland, Imra Shoaib

Songs from Claire Mooney

plus exhibition, displays and refreshments. All welcome

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Music Line Up For Ladyfest Leeds April Festival

02-03-2007 09:54

• Ana da Silva, Gina Birch & The Raincoats, Hello Cuca, Sky Larkin, The Duloks, Rae Spoon, Lianne Hall, Shrag, Polly Shang Kuan Band, Guardians of Ancient Wisdom, The Smears, Baba Yaga and many more
• 6 days of music and arts events across 7 city centre venues in Leeds celebrating creativity, diversity and promoting gender equality.
• Over 100 events in all; with more than 25 bands and music artists, 25 dance and theatre performances, 20 workshops and a multitude of arts exhibitions and even more to come

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Hijab is not a piece of clothes, but the flag of women rightlessness

28-02-2007 19:14

Women rightlessness is a characteristic of today unequal world. In many countries, women are officially and lawfully deprived even from the little rights that men enjoy.

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Homophobe Moscow mayor met with demo at City hall,London

28-02-2007 17:12

Moscow's homophobic Mayor Luzhkov was met with a emo outsuide City hall ,London this lunchtime...

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Update on abortion rights march, Saturday 3 March

28-02-2007 14:56

Please support and take part in the march for abortion rights taking place on Saturday 3 March.

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Maisha Yetu- collectivity and women's writing.

27-02-2007 19:15

Maisha Yetu means - Our Lives in Swahili.
This is a link to a International Women in Media Foundation Project.
Some of us work in IMC/RFS/IWMF :- There are a lot of cross
pollinations in the women's writing movement.
Some collectives have charitable sponsors- which does not
detract from the veracity of a woman's story.*

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One Year To Save The Feminist Library

26-02-2007 23:03

For a number of years the Feminist Library has existed in a state of permanent emergency, with a dwindling number of volunteers to take part in running the library, uncertainty about its location and a precarious financial situation. A meeting was held on 24 February to decide on whether to close the library for good. At the meeting a great deal of support was voiced for the library, and it was decided to make one last attempt to save the collection.

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More fun than you can shake a stick at from Ladyfest Leeds in March

26-02-2007 16:19

This March sees Ladyfest Leeds ( marching upwards and onwards with events happening in Leeds, gathering pace and raising funds for this not for profit festival which will happen 10th to 15th April, celebrating and empowering female artists and performers. Look out for full details of the Ladyfest Leeds programme featuring over 90 artists, performers and workshops coming out very soon!

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Inside Bristol's Royal Arch masonic temple

22-02-2007 18:15

Inside the Royal Arch temple in Bristol freemasons' hall
You don't often see pictures from inside the secretive freemasons' halls

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Feminist Fightback update: stop the war, abortion rights, Iraq and Iran

22-02-2007 12:20

An update on things happening in the coming period: feminist leafleting on Stop the War demo and banner-making at LARC; marching for abortion rights; supporting Iraqi and Iranian women.

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Support abortion rights march in London, Saturday 3 March

19-02-2007 14:43

Please give your support to and help us build the abortion rights protest taking place on 3 March.

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Asylum From Homophobia: Urgent Support Needed

17-02-2007 21:15

Urgent support is needed for a lesbian woman seeking asylum from homophobic persecution: Ms Tilli Latifa who has been detained in Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre for almost nine months faces removal to Tunisia on Tuesday 20 February. Please support her by writing immediately to Immigration Minister Liam Byrne urging that she be allowed to stay (see below for details).

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Canterbury 17 Feb: Dem;End Christian Homophobia.

15-02-2007 16:25

A demo is to be held in Canterbury, Kent against ongoing Christian Homophobia...

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Tory MP aims to introduce another anti-abortion bill in March

08-02-2007 18:26

Nadine Dorries is planning to have ANOTHER go at abortion rights with a termination of pregnancy bill (an earlier version of this bill was defeated in parliament last year). We've written to her as below - write to her yourself at and ask her why she's doing this

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Pro-abortion women plan massive rally

07-02-2007 19:42

Rational human beings plan a pro-abortion rally on 3 March 2007, to slap back the world's advancing army of anti-abortion religious loons.