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Philippines: One Year after Typhoon Haiyan

09-11-2014 12:23

Statement of Akbayan Chairperson Risa Hontiveros

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Philippines: Lawmakers studying the filing of bill against hate crimes

26-10-2014 01:40

A pair of reform-oriented lawmakers has expressed plans to file a critical measure that could curb hate-motivated crimes and violence directed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

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Iranian Anarchist Musician Shahin Najafi Speaks About Acid Attacks On Women

25-10-2014 09:11

Iranian Women Rally Against Acid Attacks
An important article from our Iranian Anarchist Network comrades that they wish to share with all genuine leftists, anarchists & other progressives in the Western World - we ask that you please concentrate and put aside any inbuilt cognitive dissonance re : "Islamophobia" and please read and understand that what is explained here is not some kind of unwarranted / bigoted attack against Islam but an extremely passionate & angry commentary against the barbarisms that are committed in the name of Islam by the brutal Islamic regime of Iran. Please share with your networks and if you are able to contribute a better English translation (source at bottom of article), then please do so!

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Fatal encounter: Jennifer Laude meets US Marine Corps

21-10-2014 12:13

PHILIPPINES: As I peered at Jennifer Laude’s serene face in the open casket, I saw the wound on her forehead that was barely concealed by the mortician’s make up. I did not see the bruises on her neck and shoulders, but a person familiar with the autopsy said they were severe.

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Rotherham:Against Rape, Against Racism

17-10-2014 13:58

An Antifascist/Feminist response to abuse in Rotherham

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Safer Spaces Exposed

17-10-2014 12:21

A Safer Spaces Policy is being launched today, 17th October 2014, the day before the London Anarchist Bookfair, where the seed for the Solidarity Collective was sown in 2013. This seems an appropriate date to choose for our launch.

Hard copies of Document 1 will be available at the Bookfair. We hope for a successful Bookfair this year and that this contribution will result in serious debate and discussion, more awareness of the issues and some positive action to stop the cycle of physical and psychological violence that is tearing us apart.

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U.S. Marine Suspected in Killing of Transgender Filipina

15-10-2014 13:36

Akbayan sends letter to US Ambassador demanding the surrender of PFC Joseph Scott Pemberton

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The Japanese Occupation Legacy – A Defining Ingredient of Totalitarian Democracy

28-07-2014 13:20

It often seems a special scourge involving seemingly yesterdays occupations under ruthless dynasties and dictatorships, great evil of the past without any current effects other than emotional irritations over substantial compensation. But outside the phoney narrative of co-prosperity in co-denial which proliferated from the defeated Asian brand of fascism after the atomic bombings, the foreign occupation legacy plays a forefront role in the sick ideology driving the current wars of imperialist hypocrisy. In the Praise of Dialectics, Bert Brecht describes the entire pattern of such a constellation, from the attitude of the exploitation, over the ensuing time anomaly in the communication, to the spirit of emancipation. The Japanese legacy is not merely a Japanese issue, it is an imperialist issue, as can easily be seen from the fact that entire regions of the world are stuck in associations of the past century instead of being up to the current issues and their resolution. These include first and foremost the Europeans and the North Americans,who accelerate this frenzy merely because they find little else to share in their political differences. One European regime has just recently discovered one of its spies apparently sold the construction plans of its headquarters to Washington. And obviously the latter was really interested in more than handing an unopened envelope back to an ally. Nevertheless they share with each other the political paralysis resulting from likewise organised crimes against human dignity, as do a number of reactionary regimes in the former Japanese sphere of influence. They are busy looking back at their past involvements because their current affairs are gravitating around the very same issue.

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The courage of Iranian women.

11-07-2014 09:53

Women across Iran are posting photos of themselves without the hijab to a dedicated Facebook page called "My Stealthy Freedom".

The Facebook page was set up just over a week ago, and already has 130,000 "likes". Almost all are from people in Iran, both men and women.

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IDEAS FOR FREEDOM 2014: Their class war and ours

20-06-2014 13:58

A weekend of socialist discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty

Thursday 3 - Saturday 6 July
Mostly at University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

For more information and to book tickets online visit

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THEIR CLASS WAR AND OURS: Ideas for Freedom 2014

20-05-2014 13:32

A weekend of socialist discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty
3-6 July. 5 and 6 July will take place at University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

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Anarcha-feminism: women's liberation, now and in the future society

07-05-2014 10:37

Meeting on anarchism and women's liberation

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Iraq's Government Paedophile Plan for Children

10-04-2014 08:39

Children under nine years old could be legally married and wives forced to comply with sexual demands under newly tabled legislation described by critics as a setback for women's rights

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New Unionism 2014: a conference for activists, 29 March, London

12-03-2014 16:40

How do we defend ourselves against the bosses' attacks, rebuild working-class power and transform the labour movement to change the world?

A one day activist conference, sponsored by organisations including Workers' Liberty, IWGB University of London, Lambeth Activists, PCS Independent Left and Ruskin College UCU

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Injustice against the women of Iraq

12-03-2014 12:54

The Iraqi women protesting in Baghdad over the Jaafari personal status draft law, which the cabinet approved, are linked to our situation as individuals in general and women in particular.

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London event highlighting plight of Afghan women.

10-03-2014 12:45

Afghan Women in 2014, INFO night.
18 March

An evening in support of the Organisation Promoting Afghan Womens Capabilities (OPAWC) one of Afghanistan's longest active and radical women's groups. Food will be provided.


Ewa Jasiewicz has recently returned from Kabul and will share what she has seen of life for Afghan women 12 years on from the overthrow of the Taliban by NATO.

Guy Smallman has been working with OPAWC since 2010 and will do a slideshow presentation of OPAWC's projects in Kabul and Farah province.

Facebook event:

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Ugandan Embassy Gay Disco!

28-02-2014 14:34

Continuous Gay Disco and Love In outside the Ugandan Embassy until they abolish the new gay hate laws
Starting this evening!
Bring music, Love, Dancing Shoes, Musical instruments, Getto Blasters, Glitter & Fun! This is an Autonomous DIY action.

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Commentary: Shadow of Western War 'Games' Falls on Friendly Olympics

23-02-2014 09:07

In this way (together with a chemical estrogen tsunami, from GMOs to BPA in the environment) the New Order policies act against fertility, in a likely move to bring the regimentation of industrial production to bear on human reproduction, for genetic quality control. This is eugenics, an important part of the Nazi-era, Western elites' politics.
As Russia's Sochi Games draw to a close, we see the smoke rising from the feared, Olympic terror attack--not in Russia but on its doorstep in Kiev, yet another regime change hotspot. This is the real danger, as an old spectre haunts Europe--and the world--anew.

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Pussy Riot Propaganda Is For Naïve Americans

09-02-2014 21:55

Pussy Riot, a Russian female punk band of recent notoriety, very much seems to have one tunnel vision goal—at least as reported to Western audiences by Western media—and that is to discredit and defame Russian President Vladimir Putin. The band name ‘riot’ is not hard to understand, as their supposed “art form” resembles a riot, as punk music often enough does; but it is more anti-music in its ear-splitting aggression. Behind scenes of this shallow morality play …lays larger political stories, pseudo-stories, propaganda, foreign inspired revolutions with plenty of American tax money being circulated to bribe public relations schemes and more lately accusations that even NGOs that supposedly care about human rights and the environment have been infiltrated to the point that their real mission is to engage in propaganda operations.

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Grampian Police unsure of their work

18-01-2014 16:47

I a little reminder from shit at poundland st james edinburgh