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Ordeal of a Gay Asylum Seeker

26-01-2005 11:22

Algerian gay asylum seeker Ramzi Isalam
Ramzi Isalam tells how he escaped murder by Islamic fundamentalists in Algeria, and is battling against the Home Office to win asylum in Britain

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Qaradawi says tsunami victims deserved to die

14-01-2005 17:19

Livingstone defends Qaradawi - again

Qaradawi says tsunami victims deserved to die

Mayor cancels GLA Gay Forum to stop debate

Ken Livingstone has defended Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the day it was revealed the Muslim cleric said the Asian earthquake victims deserved punishment from Allah because, he believes, their countries are centres of immorality, decadence and perversion.

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An injury to one is an injury to all!

14-01-2005 03:50

There is a direct connection linking the abuse of animals with the abuse of human beings. When humans exploit and abuse animals, it legitimizes ALL abuse of power. Animal abuse legitimizes child abuse,sexism, racism, homophobia, ethnic prejudice and all the ways humans exploit each other.

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Women's self defence in Oxford

21-12-2004 11:46

Radical Feminist Self-Defence in Oxford

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Decriminalize the Prostitutes, not Prostitution

10-12-2004 02:31

In an unprecedented gesture, around thirty personalities known for their social and political commitment asks the government of Canada to reject the decriminalization of prostitution claimed by certain groups and to take immediate measures to to put an end to the harassing of prostitutes and to the sexual trafficking which is practised in Canada.

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Events this Weekend at A-Spire and Maelstrom!

09-12-2004 14:08

This weekends events are in conjunction with A-Spire and will be held at both A-Spire and Maelstrom…

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No Bad Women, No Bad Children, Just Bad Laws

03-12-2004 01:19

Victory: 12-day occupation against police illegality and racism
The English Collective of Prostitutes and the International Prostitutes Collective invite you to an International Conference on prostitution

Saturday 4 December 2004

9.30am – 6pm

St Mary's Church, Somers Town, Eversholt St. London NW1

(Corner of Aldenham St. & Eversholt St. Undergrounds Mornington Crescent & Euston)

Fully wheelchair accessible. Refreshments.

Entrance: institutions £30; high waged £10; waged £3-£5; unwaged £3.

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Xmas Bookfair

01-12-2004 17:45

Good 2nd hand Books, CDs, Videos, Tapes & Computers for sale Saturday 11 December 12 – 3 pm at Crossroads Women’s Centre, Kentish Town Rd, NW5 (entrance in Caversham Rd) to raise funds for Black Women’s Rape Action Project and Women Against Rape
wheelchair accessible

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20-11-2004 04:28
queer mutiny now
queers against capitalism

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17-11-2004 15:58

CALL 07763 754 356

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Religious extremists target women as Iraq chaos grows

03-11-2004 10:37

A report from the Organisation for Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) about attacks on women by religious extremists. For more information on OWFI, see their website at No, folks, not all Iraqis or Moslems are saints, any more than we are. With this level of violence and chaos in a country, there will always be wolves who roam and attack at will (eileen)

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Women's day.

15-10-2004 19:26

On Thursday 14 October, at the European Social Forum there was a Women's day, which was organised by Global Women's Strike (See There purpose was to give a voice to women who are normally silenced and marginalised by our society and also by mainstream feminist movements - African women, disabled women, asylum seekers and refugees, prisoners and the mentally ill.

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When A Beautiful Soul Comes To Visit

09-10-2004 02:38

Tali Fahima , an Israeli woman under administrative detention, joins Palestinian women and girls held in prisons as political prisoners. The way in which Israel keeps them is cruel, without conscience and in violation of many human rights.

The Prison authority is answerable only to the Prime Minister, who has, himself, been accused of war crimes.
Please ask for a full investigation into the human rights violations.

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Lesbian activist murdered in Sierra Leone

05-10-2004 10:24

Fannyann Eddy
The founder and leader of the Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association (SLLAGA), Fannyann Eddy, was raped and murdered on the night of 28/29 September by unknown assailants who had broken into the in the SLLAGA office.

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Speakers from Federation of Cuban Women (FDM): Oxford host a meeting, 7 October.

29-09-2004 09:19

This meeting has been organised by Cuba Solidarity Oxford and NOW (Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace). It will be held in Oxford Town Hall on Thursday 7 October at 7.30pm. Photos are of the 2 speakers, Alicia and Ivette.

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Buju Banton concert axed in Manchester

22-09-2004 13:26

Police express community safety concerns
Manchester police have intervened to secure the cancellation of reggae
superstar Buju Banton's Manchester concert, which was scheduled for
this Thursday 23 September.

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20-09-2004 02:43

MAD CHICKS is launching with a glorious afternoon of mad women's art, writing, discussion, workshops, info fair, creche, massage, cafe and video followed by an evening of live art, comedy and musical abandon on November 27th.

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Women Writers in Alternative Media Using Male Pseudonyms

19-09-2004 03:15

I am considering writing under a male pseudonym. I truly wonder, with almost all male editors and writers in alternative media, and in a sexist society, what effect me writing under a female name has. Am I getting less pay? Am I getting published less? Am I taken less seriously?

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Urgent Action: Buju Banton Concert

16-09-2004 16:04

7 – 9 PM Sunday 19 September 2004
Outside Coronet Cinema
10 New Kent Road, London SE1
Nearest tube: Elephant & Castle

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Reggae star faces gay-bash charges

13-09-2004 10:12

Call to cancel Buju Banton’s UK tour