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Interview with Yun Bai, artist

08-02-2006 08:24

Yun Bai
Interview with Yun Bai about being a Chinese American artist and her Porn Flowers and Secret Nipple Project.

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05-02-2006 20:44

In the true fashion of the monarchy to honour despots and criminals of the people, Christine Gilbert, the chief executive of corrupt London Tower Hamlets Council has been knighted. Former Crossrail head and privatisation Guru, thief of public monies Sir Adrian Montague and coup instigator Sir Mark Thatcher are other beneficiaries. Sir - alias inhuman

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Anti-Domestic Violence Benefit Party - Saturday 18th Feb

31-01-2006 09:30

A benefit party to raise money for the survivors of domestic violence is taking place at the Synergy Centre, London on Saturday the 18th of February.

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bnp may be mobilising to attack LGBT history month

30-01-2006 21:43

Campaigners fear that the British National Party is mobilising to attack LGBT History Month, scheduled to take place in February, after it warned parents to fight against the event and protest the “indoctrination of our children”.

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Bisexual Snogin

28-01-2006 16:46

In response to the refusal of the mainstream media to recognise the existance of bisexuality during the excitement over Simon Hughes sexuality, there will be a bisexual snog-in tomorrow (29th January)

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Big Brother shows misogynism is rife

28-01-2006 10:29

Big Brother showed up the values of modern Britain as being tabloid led without any reference that women can be emancipated. George showed himself to be a misogynist along with Pete Burns, a transvestite claiming not to look like a woman by targeting all the woman in the house for comments that revealed their own inadequacies.

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Interview with an ex-sex text worker

27-01-2006 00:17

In the aftermath of the first ever unfair dismissal case for a sex worker in the UK, interview a former 'sex text' worker.

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Muslim Festival bans gay Muslims

23-01-2006 14:49

Festival of Muslim Cultures says gay Muslims “give offence” and bans gay Muslim exibits or participation in festival.

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Galloway activist urges: assault Tatchell

19-01-2006 01:33

Adam Yosef
This story is on a number of news sites, thought it may be of interest seeing as similar threads have been posted to previous homophobic comments made by Galloway's henchman.

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18-01-2006 17:24

his is a signal historical event for it clarifies that Dajjal Bush CAN indeed be held to civilized standards by the judicious application of armed force. The official policy of "non-negotiation with terrorists" has fallen flat on its face and now enters the dustbin of history. It is now time for the mice to demand more cookies to end the torture camps for good.

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Polish MEP says gays and the issue 'undermine the EU' !!

18-01-2006 15:58

MEP's debated homosexuality on Jan 16th. They demanded
better protection for LGBT people across the EU in the light of recent attacks and some new (Eastern Euro) countries bans on gay parades and civil partnerships etc(Poland/Latvia etc)
However,a Polish MEP defended its 'position'. (See 1 & 2)

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US military build up in African oil quest

14-01-2006 02:51

Growing exploitation for oil in Africa is bringing with it an increased U.S. military presence in the region. Within a decade 25 percent of U.S. oil imports will come from West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, according to projections by the US Department of Energy and the CIA.

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George Galloway's shocking sexual revelation.

12-01-2006 14:59

GG's ears have been burning in the BB house all the sexual innuendo.

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Global Womens Campaign For Peace In Iraq

12-01-2006 13:44

On Thursday January 5th 2006 women from around the world - from the USA to Iraq to Britain to Japan - launched a campaign aimed at ending the war and occupation in Iraq.

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Queer Mutiny Northern Spring Gathering

11-01-2006 17:39

All current info on flyer

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Peter Tatchell attacks Muslim journalist!

11-01-2006 03:05

Peter Tatchell has condemned the Desi Xpress article
Gay human rights and gay rights activist Peter Tatchell has joined the condemnation of Muslim journalist Adam Yosef following deeply offensive comments made by the latter in national Asian newspaper Desi Xpress.

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Bare-Back Mountain, analysis of sexual minstrelsy

07-01-2006 22:08

In fact, “Brokeback Mountain” is like Vaudeville where whites wore black face. Hollywood makes gays “acceptable” to the mainstream by ensuring only heterosexual actors play gay characters.

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GenderRecognitionAct 2004 - Holes & Poles and all things to all men

06-01-2006 12:59

Commentary on the Gender Recognition Act …and why it fails us.

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Muslim journalist attacks Gays - please complain!

05-01-2006 00:23

Adam Yosef writes for the Desi Xpress newspaper
A UK Muslim journalist has attacked gay people by suggesting same-sex couples have no concept of committment and that the only benefit to gay marriages is tax evasion.

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OutRage!- on Sir Iqbal Sicranie's outburst over gay rights etc.

04-01-2006 16:28

OutRage! responds to the comments by Sir Iqbal Sicranie on Radio 4 jan 3rd.