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UK Gender Newswire Archive

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Uphold the Militant Tradition of International Women's Movement

19-08-2008 05:29

In solidarity and with utmost joy, the International League of People's Struggle joins today the celebration of women in general and their revolutionary struggle for emancipation and liberation from imperialism, feudalism and patriarchalism. We remember and honor millions of women who trailblazed and paved the path for women's liberation movement.

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Manchester Pride Launch Interrupted by Protesters

16-08-2008 01:12

Lord Mayor Prepare to Launch Pride 18th Birthday Balloons.. public not invited
Young Activists Ejected from Lord Mayor's Reception - Council Balloon Launch Ambushed in Surprise “Birthday” Message - Around half a dozen young gay activists gave Manchester Pride an unexpected surprise this evening when they surrounded the imminent balloon launch set to mark the event's 18th anniversary. City wide LGBT event faces tension within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.

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Four Questions on Violences against Women.

12-08-2008 15:07

This simple questionaire is based in two earlier reports and links to
the Ban Ki-Moon campaign on gender and violence:

And of course to the issue of marginalisation of women's political voice by National Governments.

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Gay Teen Murdered in Liverpool: LGBT Youth Groups Demand Action

06-08-2008 20:13

Gay Teen Murdered in Liverpool: LGBT Youth Groups Demand Action

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World Population Day, a day to celebrate humanity and not its curbing

30-07-2008 19:40

World Population Day should focus on not merely relating population growth to underdevelopment as has been the case in population conferences. Other factors such as socio-political factors such as policy and internal conflicts should also be part of the studies on population.

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World Population Day, a day to celebrate humanity and not its curbing

30-07-2008 18:45

World Population Day tends to largely celebrate the success of demographic control and not human lives. Demographic studies should not limit itself to relating underdevelopment to an increase in population size. One must go beyond mere statistics an look at socio-political factors when analyzing poverty

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Intersex Shadow Report: "End forced genital surgery now!"

25-07-2008 05:14

1st Court Rally, Cologne 12/12/07
A shadow report submitted by the German "Assiciation of Intersexed People" to UN-Committee CEDAW in New York and published on the internet highlights worldwide human rights violations against hermaphrodites by forced medical treatments -- and a growing "Zwitter"-movement making itself heard.

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Bath Bomb #12 Out Now

15-07-2008 17:25

Bath Bomb #12 hits the streets running? Cycling? Bathing? The twelfth instalment of Bath's monthly radical rag is now online...

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URGENT - Protest against the BNP meeting in Southey

14-07-2008 22:47

The BNP are to hold a public meeting in Sheffield on Wednesday, 16th July. Sheffield Unite Against Fascism is calling a protest against these racists and fascists organising in our city.

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Frocks and shots: on cocktail parties and builder blocking

08-07-2008 08:16

Yet another fantastic opportunity to mix business with pleasure! Aldermaston Women's peace camp(aign) host another fabulous women's cocktail party at the peace camp on Saturday 12 July, while Block the Builders meet in nearby Reading the following afternoon to plot the downfall of the nuclear-industrial complex ;)

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DWP and Local Authority Fraud Investigators Beaten

07-07-2008 14:12

Some of the social security fraud investigators in our fair city ended up with egg on their faces last week when they lost an appeal, largely due to their own slackness.

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Sex Discrimination by London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

06-07-2008 14:15

Particulars of Possession Claim
Re: London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham v Mr. Henryk Ciechanowicz 8WL00305

This very recent case is one of the first cases where a local authority defined as a Public authority is seeking to evict a homosexual man from his home by directly discriminating him.

The Parties (i) London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham & Mr. Ciechanowicz

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BBC Message Boards - Scandal Of A Nazi Occupation

04-07-2008 09:51

More evidence of a widespread campaign of ID theft on the BBC Message Board System.
A cancer sufferer is publicly bullied by racists on its disability message boards, whilst simultaneously being harassed by the British National Party at home and at work. Her messages show a definite link between a BBC message board hacker and attacks carried out by the BNP.

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5th European Symposium on Gender and ICT, Call for submissions

29-06-2008 18:34

The Fifth European Symposium on Gender and ICT is taking place in
Bremen, March 5-7 2009.

Those with an interest in ICT education/publication and Women Spaces
are invited to submit by September 1st 2008.



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Feminist Activist Forum on trans and intersex issues, Lambeth, London, 12th July

29-06-2008 17:52

Learning exchange event on trans and intersex issues and their relationship to feminism

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lesbians of the world come out

26-06-2008 22:40

the article is about the lack of lesbians in pop culture

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Radio interview about Madness and spirituality

26-06-2008 09:02

Undercurrents Melissa on USA radio about going mad.

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First Ladies & Assassination - pointers to Etiquette.

24-06-2008 21:24

When one says "First Lady" one is generally taken to mean the spouse of the president of the USA. All presidents of that state are "POTUS" as they are called by their bodyguards have been married with one notable exception, James Buchanan the 15th president who shared his bed at the White House with Senator (& previous vice President) James William Rufus deVane King. Their relationship described by Buchanan as a "communion" led to unkind and homophobic remarks being made at that time and indeed provide amateur etymologists with the first such instances of such insults.

This article though will focus on the first lady of France who this afternoon ran away from her husband Sarkozy when she learnt he might take a bullet. It is very important to remain calm, dignified, elegant, confident and unflapped at moments like this. (Do not try and run away in heels like that).

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Social Enterprise looks for creative entrepreneurs to collaborate

24-06-2008 16:08

The Lesbian Association of India has established a fund-raising café in Cambridge and is looking for creative people, performers and ethical businesses to collaborate.

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Sex Slaves' Dungeon Made in Germany

19-06-2008 14:24

Sex Slaves' Dungeon Made in Germany
When German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Federeral Minister for Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) are going to enjoy nice free kicks in Basel tonight to the Euro 2008 Football Championship, ten thousands of young girls and women from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America will be forced to have sex with bloody-minded German males.