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Women's self defence in Oxford

Feminist Health | 21.12.2004 11:46 | Gender | Oxford

Radical Feminist Self-Defence in Oxford


This one day workshop is open to women of all ages who want to explore using our bodies and our voices to defend ourselves.

The workshop will include discussion and practical role-play. No experience or fitness level required. Trans friendly.

On Sunday 16th January 2005, 10.30 - 4.

Contact us for East Oxford venue details and more information at feministhealthoxford (at) hotmail(dot)com.

Bring a lunch to share and comfortable clothing. Donations to cover the room hire.

A bit more about us

We are a group of women in Oxford hoping to set up a radical feminist health collective with meetings bi-weekly or monthly, inspired by the Brighton women's health collective (see website).

If society is making you sick, join us!

Feminist Health
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