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Don't deport Elizabeth:Support Ugandan lesbian with 3 days until deportation

from an email circulated | 31.05.2006 10:29 | Gender | Migration | Repression

Elizabeth is now booked onto a flight to Uganda on Friday 2nd June - she is unlikely to survive on return.

We have just three days to convince the Immigration Minister to stop her deportation and to convine KLM not to fly her. We CAN do this by making lots of noise and making a general nuisance of ourselves.


Elizabeth* is a Ugandan lesbian who fled to the UK in 2004,
having been detained in a so-called 'Safe House' for 5 months, during which time she was repeatedly raped, whipped and beaten. Elizabeth's asylum claim, and her appeal have both been rejected.

Whilst the adjudicators recognise that homosexuals are
persecuted in Uganda, they do not believe that the term 'homosexual' and evidence relating to the treatment of homosexuals, applies to lesbians. They have also
questioned her identity as a lesbian, because she had a child as a young woman, although this is common among British lesbians too.

Not only has she been through the most terrible experiences, her long term partner, Patience, has not be heard
from or of since 2004; Elizabeth fears that she too has been abducted and detained.

Elizabeth's case is complex because in addition to her experiences in Uganda, she has chronic continuing physical and mental health problems. Elizabeth was receiving counselling as she continues to suffer from severe
depression and Rape Trauma Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress. Emergency medical care in a Yarl's Wood detention Centre is no substitute for the support from specialist professionals who Elizabeth trusts. Elizabeth has
been on 24 hour suicide watch since she was taken to Yarl's Wood last Saturday.

Elizabeth's solicitor is preparing to submit a fresh asylum application with substantial new evidence, including a medical psychiatric report currently scheduled for completion on the 8th of June and expert evidence
regarding the treatment of lesbians in Uganda. However, Elizabeth is set to be deported this Friday on KLM airlines. It will be a grave injustice if Elizabeth is deported before all evidence has been considered.

Elizabeth has suffered so much and is now losing the will to keep fighting. She needs your help.
What you can do to help:

1. Email AND fax AND phone KLM expressing your
concern immediately.Model text for a fax or email is attached. You can write/amend your own version asking KLM to conduct their business with compassion and morality, by not deporting Elizabeth before she has had a full and fair legal hearing. You can also point out that carrying Elizabeth
whilst she has been recognised as suicidal makes her both a danger to herself and possibly other passengers.

UK Phone 0208 750 9200 UK Fax 0208
750 9037

Email UK

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, South
Terminal, London Gatwick Airport, West Sussex, RH6 0PU2.

2. Send/Fax a letter to the Immigration Minister immediately.Friends and supporters have put
together a model letter ( that they are asking you to fax to the Minister for Immigration Liam Byrne. You can copy/amend/write your own version, asking him not to remove Elizabeth from the UK and to release her now.

Fax: 020 7219 2417 From outside the UK + 44 20 7219 2417

You can also write to him at:
Lian Byrne, Minister for Immigration3rd FloorPeel Building2
Marsham StreetLondon SW1P 4DF

Please send copies of any letters/faxes to
Elizabeth Must stay c/o PO Box 153, Manchester, M60 1LP3.

3. Let friends, colleagues, and family know, email them the link to the support website: to donate money to support the campaign and Elizabeth and sign her on-line petition

4. Join the Elizabeth Must Stay
Campaign today!Contact:

Thank you! Your support may save Elizabeth!

from an email circulated
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- Homepage:


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