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Join the pro-choice protest!

redletter | 29.01.2008 12:30 | Gender | Repression


Join the pro-choice protest!

London - Wednesday 6 February
assemble 6.30pm outside Central Hall Westminster

Abortion Rights is determined that all anti-abortion amendments moved as
part of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill currently in Parliament
are defeated, and that any opportunity to advance the abortion law for women
is maximised.

In opposition to the pro-choice agenda, Ann Widdecombe MP, Lord David Alton
and others are speaking at a national road show ‘Not on your life... or
anyone else’s’ organised by Care, Life, and Right to Life Trust to drum up
anti-abortion lobbying around the Bill.

Abortion Rights has called peaceful pro-choice protests against the tour and
as a proud public reminder that those who support a woman’s right to choose
are in the overwhelming majority.

Nearest tubes Westminster or St James’s Park. The Hall is on Victoria Street
in London, just off Parliament Square, next to the Queen Elizabeth II
Conference Centre and facing Westminster Abbey.

For pro-choice updates on the Bill and campaign visit

Abortion Rights
18 Ashwin Street
E8 3DL
t/f 020 7923 97 92

Abortion Rights is the UK's grassroots organisation leading the campaign to
defend and extend women's rights to abortion. We are building a pro-choice
movement to oppose any restrictions in women's current rights and access to
abortion, to liberalise the current UK abortion law, and to improve women's
access to and experience of abortion.

To add your support please visit our website or
add your voice to

- Homepage:


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