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LSE Union Launches "Women's Week" to Combat Gender Inequalities

James Caspell and Daisy Mitchell-Forster | 21.01.2008 00:14 | Education | Gender | Social Struggles | London

The London School of Economics Students' Union this week launches its annual Women's Week in order to highlight women's issues and gender inequality. The week will consist of a number of events arranged by the SU, a number of its societies and several external campaign groups.

Women's Week 2008: A week to celebrate LSE diversity and engage with issues of Gender Equality and awareness. For directions, visit:

-- Monday 21st --

Judith Orr, editor of the Socialist Review and author of 'Sexism and the System', leads a discussion of the roots of Women's Liberation and commercialisation of sexism within raunch culture.
D502 4pm

Patriarchal Islam: Myth or Reality?
LSESU Islamic Society
H102 6pm

-- Tuesday 22nd --

Women in Prison
A discussion of the current debates around the experiences of women in the justice system and the potential of alternatives to prison-based punitive measures with the Smart Justice for Women campaign. G108 2pm

-- Wednesday 23rd --

The Right to Choose
A discussion on the current issues around a Woman’s Right to Choose, with Abortion Rights UK and Doctors for a Woman's Choice on Abortion. All views welcome.
D302 1pm

-- Thursday 24th --

LSESU Feminist Society - Women Against Rape
Graham Wallas Room 12pm

Gender Institute Public Lecture with the LSESU French Society
Cover up: French gender equality and the Islamic headscarf

Professor Joan Scott

In her lecture Professor Scott takes a critical look at one aspect of the ban on Islamic headscarves enacted in 2005 in France. She will examine ‘a clash of gender systems’ as a way of trying to understand some of the force of the reaction to Islam there.

New Theatre 6.30pm

-- Friday 25th --

Women, Not Sex Objects – a discussion of the objectification of Women in the Media
Graham Wallas Room 12pm

Prostitution: the case for decriminalisation with the Safety First Coalition
With the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill (CJIB) currently passing through Parliament, the criminalisation of the clients of prostitutes is being increasingly discussed. This discussion will focus on New Zealand's decriminalisation of prostitution and the Swedish model in relation to the effects on women's health and safety. With the Safety First Coalition and Catherine Healy, the founding member and national co-coordinator of the New Zealand Prostitute's Collective and a member of the New Zealand Prostitution Law review Committee.

D1 2pm

James Caspell and Daisy Mitchell-Forster
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