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Queer Mutiny Northern Spring Gathering

Bovver_boi | 14.02.2006 17:30 | Culture | Free Spaces | Gender

Queer Mutiny North Presents....
The Queer Mutiny Northern Spring Gathering
10-12th of March

If you didn't know already there will be a BIG Queer gathering/Meet up in Leeds on the 10th-12th of March, This is the programme so far... more will be added... BUT its the 'plan' so far...


Friday 10th March

7pm - 8pm Dinner
9pm - 11pm Film + Popcorn
(plus possible other entertainment)


9am -11am Breakfast
11am - 1pm National Queer Meeting
1pm - 2pm DIY Cock making and Clothes alteration
1pm - 2pm Lunch
2pm - 3pm Femme Discussion
3pm - 5pm Prisoner Support
5pm - 6pm Rope Bondage Lesson/Skill share
6pm - 7pm History of sexuality Talk/Discussion
7pm - 8pm Dinner
8pm onwards...
Femme Performance/ Poetry
::Jean Genet::
:: PsychoFags in binbags::

12pm onwards:
DJ's (QueerMix of Electro/Pop/Punk/House/Techno/Grime etc)


11am - 12am Brunch
12am - 1pm Action planning
1pm onwrds: Messy Queers (body painting, gooey wrestling etc)
Barbershop and Bootshine,
Vacant Video Making
4pm - 5pm Reading Group/Discussion (HIV/AIDS Myth)
5pm Onwards:No Borders Meeting and talk by Queer Refugee/Aylum Seeker.:
7pm - 8pm Dinner 7pm
8pm onwrds: Bands Inc..

::Mz Sojourn::
::The Seven Inches::
::+ More TBC

Ps. All the bands (apart from Boycunt) are on if you wanna check them out.

Location Details will be disclosed closer to the time. and not on the internet. Get in touch if you need sleeping space or want to help get involved etc.

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