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Father ends crane protest -Liverpool

By Alan Weston Daily Post Staff | 10.08.2004 00:18 | Gender | Liverpool

A FATHER of three dressed as Batman last night abandoned a four-day protest on top of a 200ft-high city centre crane in Liverpool.

Collin Vallis in BAtman suit
Collin Vallis in BAtman suit

Colin Vallis, 41, was talked down by police negotiators yesterday at the City Square building site in Tithebarn Street.A cheer went up from the watching crowd of supporters as he was immediately whisked away in an ambulance to Royal Liverpool Hospital.Mr Vallis last night said he had not suffered any major ill-effects from the four days and three nights he spent on the crane.Speaking by mobile phone from the ambulance which was taking him to hospital immediately after coming down, he said: "I've had about eight hours sleep so I'm feeling very, very tired."I've suffered no injuries apart from swollen feet."Mr Vallis, 41, a member of the direct action pressure group Fathers4Justice (F4J), took the action because he said he had been denied access to his two youngest children, both toddlers, for nine weeks.According to F4J, the main reason he chose to come down was because he had received guarantees that he would now be able to see his children and that a judge would hear his case at Liverpool's QE2 courts this morning.It is not yet known what action police will take over Mr Vallis's protest - which caused major disruption to work on the City Square development - but it is believed he has been told to report to a police station to face possible charges of aggravated trespass.

Article taken from Daily post 09/08/04 for more information on Fathers4JUstice see the website and also for more on the protest.

By Alan Weston Daily Post Staff
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