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Brazil LGBT

Pedro A. | 19.02.2015 13:06 | Culture | Gender | Technology



Surge in Brazil a new option for the LGBT community, for the creation of websites and domain registration on the Internet.
The Brazil, a continental country with a population over 200 million people recently opened domain registration for LGBT sites.

The extension is dedicated to the Sites GLS (Gays, Lesbians and Supporters)
and Sites Legally Gays (SLG), which in Portuguese means "Sites GLS (Gays, Lésbicas e Simpatizantes)
e Sites Legalmente Gays(SLG ).

In Brazil it is more common to use the acronym GLS than LGBT.

Although the acronym GLS is market-driven and trade, and the LGBT acronym is focused on political and social issues.
Built in the 90s, GLS acronym has become a benchmark among the LGBT community to identify local, products,
services and brands. While the LGBT acronym is used by non-governmental organizations and the struggle for equality.
There are 101 sites that use the suffix to identify and protect themselves from false LGBT sites.

The .lgbt Afilias was not so well received because cost too much. While .br cost an average of $ 15,
the .lgbt areas are costing in Brazil averaged $ 45.

The domains are free and can be registered by the site: or

Brazilian fans of American actors have created blogs as,, and as tribute.
And there is the blog in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

As the United States becomes the domain registration in 4th level, for example, the areas under the or
in Brazil LGBT / GLS sites are recorded in 4 ° level by suffix!

Learn more about the project at:

And if you are interested in joining GLS / Brazilian LGBT community
on the Internet do the registration of a domain by email:
or follow on Twitter:

Pedro A.