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Sabotage Fortress Europe – Yes we can

Group of vulcanos: Sabotage Fortress Europe – We Can Do It! | 07.03.2016 11:46 | Gender | Migration | World

Today, a central train connection between Berlin and cities in Western Germany was brought to a standstill. We short-circuited energy lines, communication links and signalling, there was no danger for people.
With this action we aim at damaging the economic functional order of fortress Europe. We spoil the transporting of work force and freight traffic.
We invite all refugees of the world. A high economic damage is the price for maintaining fortress Europe.

While lots of people in Germany try to help refugees, the government tries to regulate all these uncontrolled movements of soldidarity as well as the movement of refugees who took a high risk to come here. In history and also today, Germany is involved in destroying people's living conditions by stealing ressources, exporting weapons and maintaining post-colonial relations. The attempt to divide refugees into „good“ (useful) and „bad“ (useless) human resources show that politicians and leading managers try to make profit from war and flights - and at the same time solve the German demografic problems. This policy of selection was put in new laws. These laws define countries in the Balkans as safe and consequently force deportations. But: People will try to escape from hunger, misery and discrimination anyway, wether their reasons are officially accepted or not.
We appeal to develop structures of uncontrolled, self-organized movements of welcoming!
We appeal to active escape aid!
We appeal to sabotage all forms or weapon production!
We appeal to smash Nazi structures!
We appeal to attack institutions of law and order within fortress Europe!
We appeal to organize in order to smash the current unsocial order!

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Group of vulcanos: Sabotage Fortress Europe – We Can Do It!