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Economy turns to nationalism

12-07-2016 08:09

A comment by former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers published in the Financial Times on Monday is indicative of two emerging developments in ruling circles: growing perplexity over the state of the global economy and a turn toward protectionism and economic nationalism.

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What Would Trump Fascism Look Like?

11-07-2016 21:09

The election of Mr. Trump would almost certainly lead to the end of US democracy and several disastrous wars.

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Cameron´s Failure – No One´s Success – Yet

11-07-2016 15:48

At times it is necessary to reveal the whole picture in order to make clear how much evil was prevented for the price of the trouble everyone found themselves confronted with. Had not days before the election, by losing temper when faced with anti-integration protesters, the German foreign minister with the statement that he could see Brussels from his office spoiled his party´s European election campaign, instead of a tired oligarch from Luxembourg there would now be a fiery fascist in its place. But Martin Schulz failed to take the powerful commissioner post and bring the manipulative zeal exercised in the Strasbourg parliament leadership to Brussels. Cameron´s grasp to deceive the British public with a contrarian straw-man from his old youth gang now has also failed. And deservedly so, making unequivocally clear that this is not a partisan crusade against liberals only or conservatives only, but an all-out campaign against the kind of democratic totalitarians who count everyone who ever had a landlord of the same name to their voter base regardless of people´s political will.

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The Left Under Philippine President Duterte

09-07-2016 11:24

Former Philippine congressman Walden Bello on what Duterte’s election means for the Left.

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UG#735 - Thinking Outside The Bucks (The Authenticity of A Life Beyond Money)

30-06-2016 14:56

A more personal show than usual, which I hope will prove an appealing contrast to the crimes of the Deep State. We return to a familiar theme of this show, the importance of following our heart, of working for love not money. A range of speakers, some new, some old, combine to challenge our ideas of self, of what it means to be a human, and of what we might achieve if we align our heads and hearts. We conclude with the vision of Chris Larcombe, who realized during his Ph.D in epigenetics that he was more interested in creating a moneyless system of interaction which would allow people, en masse, to better coordinate and help realize one another's dreams.

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Brexit will only count if everybody leaves the EU

29-06-2016 18:19

Britain can leave the EU, but it can't leave capitalism. The Norway or Switzerland option that Brexit proponents seem to yearn for means adhering to EU rules and regulations without having any say in them. An exit from capitalism is what the world needs.

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Fw: 4 new releases from green anarchist zine Return Fire

25-06-2016 09:45

got this elsewhere a while ago, now reposting here cos noone had put it up - better late than never!

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Communist Party of the Philippines supports state burial for Marcos

18-06-2016 14:41

Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte announced in the wake of his election in May that he intended to grant the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos a state burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes Cemetery). Preparations are now being made for a state funeral on September 11, the 99th birth anniversary of the former president.

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Occupation-Era Constitution Invalid: Special Observer

15-06-2016 19:50

United Nations Special Observer for Occupation Cessations Mok Ni Lim at a press briefing in Darwin, Australia concluded a round trip to the Pacific island of Samoa with the diagnosis that the nation´s indigenous language constitution left behind from the military occupation period is to be considered legally invalid. Samoa recently experienced foreign troops pulled out as part of a regional reshuffle, leaving the island without military presence as there are bigger deployments within the area. The community has since struggled with the political desire for independence on one hand and a hangover from the loss of vassal revenues through foreign military spending on the other. Lim said even if there was a reliable environment setting the belief that troops could not return more likely than otherwise, the occupation-era wording was as unsuitable to assert independence as a wet paint sign in a gold rush.

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Akbayan rejects Chinese call for dropping West Philippine Sea arbitration

13-06-2016 12:54

With the upcoming commemoration of Philippine Independence, Akbayan party-list today called on government to hold steadfast in pursuing the arbitration case filed on the UNCLOS regarding Chinese occupation of the Scarborough shoal in the West Philippine Sea.

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House Passes Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Legislation

10-06-2016 14:31

The House passed Puerto Rico debt crisis legislation 297-127. The Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act now heads to the US Senate for approval.

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Philippines: No context will ever justify murder of journalists - Akbayan

07-06-2016 13:34

Press freedom is a baseline principle of good governance, not a moving target that adjusts to the whims and caprices of those in power. It plays a crucial role in fiscalizing and speaking truth to power, and that Constitutionally-guaranteed right must be protected.

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The Philippines’ New Strongman

01-06-2016 13:42

Rodrigo Duterte’s authoritarian neoliberalism isn’t the answer to poverty and political abuse in the Philippines.

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Duterte offers cabinet posts to Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines

24-05-2016 11:59

On Sunday (17 May 2016), Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines president-elect, announced that his administration, which is due to take office on June 30, would restore capital punishment and issue shoot-to-kill orders to the police and military.

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New book: Struggles for autonomy in Kurdistan

23-05-2016 10:48

New book from Corporate Watch

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Lucy Allan MP Death Threat Scandal

16-05-2016 11:26

New 18 min film about Lucy Allan's doctoring of constituent's e mail with an apparent death threat.

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VCVG Presents Instant Fake Detector

12-05-2016 15:42

In a video broadcast censored by major commercial platforms, anti-democracy human rights activist Valentin Caspar von Grimmelshausen and pro-democracy human rights activist Om-Lai Tung have presented a device programmed to detect content forgeries deriving from government abuse of security-tagged personal data. The IFD is a software program loaded upon the device, which instructs its handler with regard to the handling of such contamination in case it is being tested as a possible solution against unresolvable side-effects resulting from fake content. Likely threats include entrapment tactics by governments along the human rights rhetoric food chain, of which the two activists said they are always wrong regardless of geopolitical orientations. Users are being encouraged to discard fakes on heuristic suggestion and hold government responsible for unsolicited production thereof. A mission statement said authenticity meant that of a thousand flowers blossoming, not a single one was allowed to be a forgery in order for the species to be called authentic.