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Katy Bourne Sussex pcc in 20 year murder cover up of Katrina Taylor

04-07-2016 11:44

Katrina Taylor murder a story a 20 year Organised, & Orchestrated murder cover up
It’s been 20 years since Katrina Taylor was murdered in Brighton July 1996
Her killers are still at large...

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Mauro Ferri and Tiziana Cardile, perfect parents. But not for the Italian Court.

27-06-2016 09:12

Mauro Ferri and Tiziana Cardile, perfect parents. But not for the Italian Court.
Tears the soul to read the open letter that Tiziana Cardile and Mauro Ferri published on Internet.

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Billionaire Gambling Tycoon JP McManus will no longer sponsor prestigious “Blue

07-06-2016 10:38

Hare coursing cruelty at Irish Cup event
The cruel “sport” of live hare coursing has been dealt a severe blow...One of its top financial sponsors, gambling tycoon and philanthropist JP McManus, will no longer be sponsoring the three-day Irish Cup hare coursing event in County Limerick.

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30-05-2016 17:03



David Joe Neilson says Katy Bourne pcc has had murder files removed from Sussex Police computers and that there are 3 different murder files

1 Before the murder

2 Murder reported a new set of files

3 Attacks intimidation attempted murder of David Neilson

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Is Brazil the new Ukraine?

26-05-2016 11:11

This is too much. While I was off-grid, the imperialist abused my identity, the puppet regime it maintains on this land destroyed my neighbourhood, and a toxic corporation went to lobby my relatives. Alarm! I pulled the emergency plan I had recently enacted upon his recommendation and called Ras Ramsay for consultation. Of course he does not have a network address so I sent him a series of smoke signs, one tiny cloud after another, and yes they were not overlooked, he immediately appeared at my hillside hideout behind the decommissioned abbey turned fish monoculture, and together we ground a huge worm. Here it is.

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Panama Papers Expose Katy Bourne Sussex P.C.C

06-04-2016 19:29

Panama Papers Expose Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime Commissioner
Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime Commissioner named in the Panama Papers it has come to light that she set up off shore companies and shell companies and other accounts to hide money before being elected as Sussex Police Crime Commissioner in November 2012

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Ukraine is trying to frustrate referendum in the Netherlands

25-03-2016 07:52

According to all the public-opinion polls, the Dutch community is going to nay during the referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, thus ruining the perspective of signing the agreement. But the government of Ukraine is applying desperate effort to break referendum or postpone it.

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Peace Settlement Through Creation of Terrorist Cells. ISIS Expects Aid of Sweden

24-03-2016 11:43

The commander of the Daesh (IS) first all-female assault battalion Nada al-Qahtani has turned to Stockholm for aid in establishing of ‘the legal rule of Caliphate’ in Syria. This has become known from the letter written by al-Qahtani demanding that Sweden should render help in recruiting new members for the Daesh all-female battalion, as well as in delivering weapons and munitions for Syrian fighters via Turkey.

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The New Synthesis of Communism

02-02-2016 01:16

Bob Avakian, Chairman of the RCP USA
Six Resolutions of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

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'International terrorism' cooked up by criminal governments to keep us in fear

30-01-2016 13:21

Bullingdon Club boys Rhodes and DeBeers carved up Africa’s wealth, now back in power with Boris, Dave and George

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Fox Hunt shamed after high profile supporter convicted of brutal assault

27-01-2016 20:22

Mona Ward, Hubert Daniels, Aideen Yourell (Irish Council Against Blood Sports)
The foxhunter was caught redhanded (on camera) assaulting two farmers who had banned all hunting on their lands…

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Portland Indymedia Wire Taken Over By Extremists

18-01-2016 23:18

After years of struggle a 'tea party' element in the radical community of Portland Oregon USA controls the Portland Indymedia News Wire

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Brazilian blogger accuses senator of commanding the invasion of his computing sy

12-01-2016 23:05

Brazil: Censorship on the Internet

Brazilian blogger accuses senator of commanding the invasion of his computing systems and of harassment.

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Brazil: Censorship on the Internet

12-01-2016 22:48

Brazilian blogger accuses senator of commanding the invasion of his computing systems and of harassment.

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11-01-2016 16:30


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Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime commissioner

22-12-2015 14:23

Petition to Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime commissioner
To ask the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate the
Organized, Orchestrated abuse intimidation harassment and threats by Sussex Police of murder witness David Neilson 318 South Coast Road Peacehaven BN10 7EL

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True reasons of the recent attack on Su-24

14-12-2015 08:36

More than a week has passed since the sudden attack of the Turkish F-16 jet on the Russian Su-24 bomber. The time was skillfully used to divert attention of the international community from the exploring of the true reasons behind the attack to discussion of the impact rupture in relations between Turkey and Russia. Those debates, that successfully stole the spotlight, were rather captivating but surely of minor importance.

Meanwhile, the data coming from the Syrian Kurds makes it possible to see the picture as a whole.

Full article adware pimps an online service of its own

02-12-2015 15:50 adware screenshot
Out of all malicious programs in the wild, adware is special because it combines mild severity with a serious commercial potential.

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CryptoWall virus imposes a money-for-data bargain

02-12-2015 14:41

Over the course of many months that the CryptoWall ransomware has been on the loose, no authority has come up with a way to take the campaign down, nor have security labs elaborated a method or recover the files this virus encrypts.

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Screenshot of BBC Coverage of Paris Attacks

15-11-2015 19:42

Screenshot of BBC channel taken during Paris attacks coverage. Even while the horror unfolds, the glorification of US war veterans is next on the schedule.

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Why Do Labour Keep Getting Iraq Wrong?

22-10-2015 16:12

Hussein Al-alak is the chair of the Iraq Solidarity Campaign UK

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Hit and run case of Salman Khan

17-10-2015 07:22

The hit-and-run case of Salman is now a regular story; a celebrity who has earned name and overall intense fame from this controversial and dangerously negative case of hit-and-run.

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OCD: A monster in my mind

08-10-2015 14:05

Seriously ill people are just being abandoned to suffer and die. Like all broadcast programs, this edition of Horizon gave people a false impression that this isn’t so.

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Hares secretly filmed at Irish coursing venue

04-10-2015 22:48

The campaign to ban hare coursing in Ireland continues...
Dozens of hares have been secretly filmed in captivity at the Edenderry coursing venue in County Offaly, Ireland... this in defiance of the ban on "unauthorized photography" that coursing clubs enforce with threats and beatings.

Just have a look at the footage...amazing to see so many of these ordinarily solitary creatures bunched together like this.