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Portland Indymedia Wire Taken Over By Extremists

Indyhelper | 18.01.2016 23:18 | Indymedia | Other Press | Repression | World

After years of struggle a 'tea party' element in the radical community of Portland Oregon USA controls the Portland Indymedia News Wire

No one knows how it happened.

All the email lists have been deleted:

This is for all indymedia, but happened around the same time Portland stopped having general meetings.

Questions are asked on the Portland wire, but these articles are deleted; they are not even in public accessible "compost":

Recently it was learned, in March 2015, the wire was denounced by the person running their Facebook page:

"March 20 2015

Portland Indymedia has become a haven for antisemitism and conspiracy theories and is either unwilling or unable to filter itself. It should either disband or fundamentally rework itself."

Whoever is in charge of authorizing use of the "" domain needs to be told that the Portland group is

1. No longer operating as a transparent collective
2. Exploiting the Indymedia brand for their own agenda

-screen of Facebook page warning of anti semites using portland indymedia
-screen of deleted thread asking where meetings are

Whoever owns the domain and servers needs to know the Portland group should be shut down until the can prove they serve the community.

- Homepage:


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