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Katy Bourne Sussex pcc in 20 year murder cover up of Katrina Taylor

informer | 04.07.2016 11:44 | Other Press | Policing | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

Katrina Taylor murder a story a 20 year Organised, & Orchestrated murder cover up
It’s been 20 years since Katrina Taylor was murdered in Brighton July 1996
Her killers are still at large...

Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner has been accused by David Joe Neilson of covering up her murder and other crimes linked to her murder and Sussex Police corruption involved in covering up for her killers.

Katrina Taylor’s family want justice for Katrina and to put this 20 year nightmare to rest
David Joe Neilson said that Katy Bourne pcc has refused to met the family or asked Mr. Neilson to give a full statement or asked for copies of the Katrina Tapes these tapes are some 200 hours long they expose Sussex Police officers covering major drug movements for the gang headed my Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc killers before Katrina was killed.
Mr. Neilson said if they had acted correctly Katrina would have not been murdered.

Katy Bourne continues to cover-up for Sussex Police.
Katy Bourne knows all the secrets of Sussex Police. She knows Sussex Police covered up Katrina Taylor's murder and related crimes.
So Katy Bourne pcc won’t she ask the IPCC to investigate this case simple she knows that this story is true.
She has now made statement over the case of Gary Reynolds in which she paid out £3.8 million in damages. Also to insure the people of Sussex that she would personally investigate the case and what changes she purposed to make to see this did not happen again.

The case of C.C. Martin Richards’s possible links to a paedophile ring have never been investigated.
As Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner she has a duty to the people of Sussex to see that all such allegations are investigated but would appear that her sworn Oath of impartiality Office is not worth the paper it’s written on.

Please check out these sites we are doing all in our powers to open up this case to the pulbic and the media. We do not mince our words on Katy Bourne pcc. Names David Neilson As A Vital Witness MURDER WITNESS CLAIMS SHE IS COVERING UP FOR THE KILLERS OF KATRINA TAYLOR

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