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Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime commissioner

Conrad Hurt | 22.12.2015 14:23 | Indymedia | Other Press | Policing | South Coast | World

Petition to Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime commissioner
To ask the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate the
Organized, Orchestrated abuse intimidation harassment and threats by Sussex Police of murder witness David Neilson 318 South Coast Road Peacehaven BN10 7EL

Mr. Neilson is a long term victim of abuse intimidation harassment threats and assaults. (Mr. Neilson is the member of the public who solved the murder of Katrina Taylor 20 years ago and exposed major crimes surrounding the murder) It now enters the area of Elderly & Disabled Abuse
By Sussex Police.
Simon Kirby MP to ask Katy Bourne PCC for immediate protection for Mr. Neilson. Please help by signing this Petition to stop abuse and silencing of witnesses by Sussex Police.

Conrad Hurt
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