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Screenshot of BBC Coverage of Paris Attacks

Sheling | 15.11.2015 19:42 | Other Press | World

Screenshot of BBC channel taken during Paris attacks coverage. Even while the horror unfolds, the glorification of US war veterans is next on the schedule.

I took this while watching the horrific events of Friday evening unfold, though at the time I wasn't sure why.

Today I looked at the image again and understood what had stuck in my mind: "What Makes A Hero? - American veterans talk about what it means to be defined as a 'hero' in the US".

It's all there, every element of how this came to be, where it came from and how it will continue. Of everything I watched on Friday, this is the image that upsets me the most now.

I'm not from a media background; I don't think I properly understand the relevance and significance of this image yet. I gift it to whoever wants to do something with it.

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