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UK Education Newswire Archive

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A statement from the occupation at Middlesex

15-05-2010 12:04

In late April 2010, Middlesex University decided to close down Philosophy, its highest research-rated subject; ever since, Middlesex students and staff, and many thousands of their supporters in the UK and around the world, have been battling to save it.

In early May, Middlesex Philosophy students took matters into their own hands. On the morning of Tuesday 4 May; when the management cancelled this meeting at short notice, more than 60 students converged on the Dean’s office in the ‘Mansion’ building at Trent Park to demand an explanation. The Dean refused to meet with them. The students decided to occupy.

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Hounslow Community Land Project

14-05-2010 16:40

New Community Land Project in Hounslow

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URGENT - Middlesex occupiers need help to resist eviction

14-05-2010 14:10

The Middlesex management has just gone to the High Court to try and get an eviction order to evict the occupiers. So bailiffs and police are expected any time. Please come down to support us resist the eviction.

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APP Election Victory

09-05-2010 13:26

There are those who talk and there are those who do

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Middlesex Students Occupy Entire Building

05-05-2010 20:56

Statement from the student occupation at Middlesex University, now extended to the entire building.

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Beekeepers at war over funding from chemical companies

05-05-2010 11:32

The Telegraph, 5 May 2010. Beekeepers at war over funding from chemical companies
Angry bee keepers have blamed Britain’s rapidly decreasing population of honeybees on their own organisation. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent .
Sorry to quote the Torygraph, but we have been running a campaign in Europe, for two years and when the mainstream media occasionaly wakes upto reality, we pump it .

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Come to Support Occupation at Middlesex University!

04-05-2010 23:57

Students in occupation
Party/Rally at 4.30pm today (Wednesday 5th May) in support of the occupation at Middlesex University.

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Occupation at Middlesex University

04-05-2010 13:50

Students currently in occupation at Middlesex University in protest against the closure of the whole philosophy department, which comes after a series of university cuts in the humanities across the country.

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students of philosophy at middlesex philosophy

04-05-2010 11:21

students of philosophy at middlesex university are occupying the administration office

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Students storm Dean's office, occupation protest against closure

04-05-2010 10:59

Occupation protest against closure
Students storm Dean's office, occupation protest against closure, police called.

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Home Builders Federation Condone and Tolerate Members Who Bully?

01-05-2010 23:52

Google Search Houseboat Eviction HBF Please Help Us Shalom Banner
Bullying is wrong. Everyone knows it. It’s been just over one year since the Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice approached the Royal Society of Arts AND The Home Builders Federation (HBF) asking for help. That effort seems to have been met in wilful ignorance and with contempt. So, another Family appeal was made at the HBF AGM and Open Council Meeting in London last Wednesday.

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Nottingham Free School's May Day Discussion

30-04-2010 09:39

With Mayday coming soon the Nottingham Free School decided to arrange an open discussion on some of the issues surrounding the day. This discussion took place at the Sumac last Sunday night and is scheduled to be the first in a series which will take place on the final Sunday of each month. The hope is to create a regular space in which we can learn collectively and share our ideas and understandings of issues which strike us to have a particular relevancy. On Sunday we hoped to discuss the nature of class struggle today, as well as the different forms that resistance to capitalism can take, and this was in many ways a success.

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Bayer Schering: UK Primodos victims demand apology

29-04-2010 12:00

Bayer Schering: UK Primodos victims demand apology
Primodos victims appear in Bayer shareholder meeting in Cologne tomorrow

Karl Murphy from Liverpool and John Walmisley Santiago from London will speak at Bayer´s shareholder meeting in Cologne/Germany tomorrow. They will demand that the company apologizes to Primodos victims and offers a compensation scheme. Attending will be Bayer´s board, supervisory board and about 4000 shareholders.

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An all new term of Sumac Skillshares

20-04-2010 11:55

The Sumac Skillshare has a new term! And this time it's going to be experimenting with it's form and style.
Emphasising the notion that we are all skill-sharers this term will be seeking to empower and facilitate dormant skills that we have all developed through our life experiences.

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Dr Steve Best PHD asks are Vegans Space Aliens or compassionate Earthlings

19-04-2010 14:39

Dr Steve Best PHD, author of "Terrorists or Freedom Fighters" and animal liberation front activist asks the question are Vegans Space Aliens or compassionate Earthlings?

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How the U.S. Education System Leads to our Global Imperialism

19-04-2010 01:18

I was a volunteer in the War on Terror and I come from a large family of teachers. A lot of people are trying to do something about our education system. This video is a blueprint of science education in America anyone can use to prove how our "education" system trains Americans to depend on imperialism.

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Local activists protest circus cruelty

15-04-2010 20:30

Evening circus demo
Local activists protest circus cruelty

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Election Poll

15-04-2010 18:35

With the election frenzy of the media in the past week, just where do you stand?

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London School Students' Union Benefit Gig and Barbecue - Tomorrow!

15-04-2010 12:27

Tomorrow, from 6pm at the Freedom Bookshop until late, LSSU are hosting a benefit gig and barbeuce. There will be poetry, music, and vegetarian food.

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Yescool: WHAT IS IT? Just an idea?

15-04-2010 11:09

envisoning a physical space where one can learn about fixing the world
(1st article from my blog)
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