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56a Infoshop Map Festival Invitation

08-03-2005 14:20

Invitation No.2 (with more details) on the Festival of Mapping during 56a Infoshop Free Skool, June 2005.

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The Colourbox Exhibition is Coming to Cambridge

08-03-2005 13:08

2 Hills Road is a fantastic new venue in Cambridge. The next exhibition for 2005 is the Colourbox, which runs from 7th March to 1st April 2005.

· The Colourbox is an entirely new kind of exhibition for children and adults that combine serious experiments with light with the exploration of exciting new spaces.

· The Colourbox is a total learning environment as well as a fantastically quiet place with soft walls and lots of space to discover.

· At the exhibition children experience light with imagination and vigour. Ordinary and extraordinary objects have been assembled to make exploration irresistible and exciting.

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Test of The Ring: Think Like Bush or Real Education

06-03-2005 21:24

Can U Shock Yourself Into Consciousness: DO the Test
The Test can assist you in smashing your brain-washing to actualize the severe changes that dignity/honor call down upon our thinking, the clarity of our goals, the design processes of our strategies for change-the purpose & operations of institutions that shape our lives & deaths.

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Human Rights in Uzbekistan

06-03-2005 10:18

The Uzbek pro-democracy movement regularly posts news and information about the struggle for freedom in this Central Asian dictatorship.

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Red Nose Day Banned in Catholic Schools in South Wales

06-03-2005 08:26

Welsh children in Catholic comprehenive schools banned from raising money for Comic Relief!!

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Graffiti from around Oxford, pt 11

05-03-2005 00:01

This striking work leaves those of us in the know in no doubt as to its message !

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Banner Theatre's 30th Anniversary Celebration

03-03-2005 13:41

Banner Theatre
Join us in celebrating Thirty Years of Banner Theatre: 1974-2004

In Birmingham on 8-9 April 2005 Banner will be celebrating 30 years of
creating hard-hitting documentary theatre with and for community and trade
union audiences.

As you may know, Banner has based its work on key issues of our time,
ranging from fights to prevent closure and privatisation of major
industries, like coal, steel and public utilities, through to struggles
against racism, sexism and imperialism. To date the company has created over 30 major documentaries, numerous cassettes and CDs, plus hundreds of songs and street theatre productions.

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G8 meeting, Lancaster Mar 14th

25-02-2005 13:33

A meeting to advertise that there are different groups opposing the G8 summit, and to start the process of getting people together to discuss their collective responses...

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Third Manchester People's Assembly

25-02-2005 12:06

Workshops to encourage inter-group cooperation followed by a Campaign Fair where the public can find out about your campaign and sign up to help. Open microphone spots to publicise your work then feedback and calls for action - all on Sat 16 April at Friends Meeting House, Mount St, MCR

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Dirty Aid Dirty Water

24-02-2005 16:03

Britain’s development aid is being siphoned off for big business.

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Opportunities for Women

24-02-2005 08:58

Workers Educational Association (WEA)
Margaret Sanders Branch
invites you to celebrate the achievements of women.

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Nicaraguan Day and Salsa Evening FRIDAY 25th Feb

23-02-2005 08:58

Oxford-Leon Link present a Nicaraguan Day and Salsa Evening


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Fairtrade Fortnight in Oxford

21-02-2005 16:51

Fairtrade Fortnight takes place from the 1st to the 13th March, and a wide range of events, talks and activities are taking place across Oxford over the Fortnight and beyond.

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Why Should Ken L Apologise?

18-02-2005 12:05

I argue that morally deteriorated leaders often ally themselves with Jewish and Zionist organisations.

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Respect your elders

18-02-2005 01:00

Indigenous australians warn of the serious threat to global stability as more sites of ancient worldly significance come under threat.

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Yesmen in London Cinemas!

17-02-2005 09:40

yesmen movie poster
The Yesmen movie is coming to UK Cinemas starting this Saturday 18th February:
In London, it is shown in UGC Haymarket, Barbican Odeon, Camden Town, Coronet Notting Hill and Ritzy Brixton.

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Unveiling the Weapon of the Masses

16-02-2005 21:32

This is a must read and share for those who are willing to use the power of their intention in service to humanity.

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co-counselling workshop this Sunday in Oxford

16-02-2005 15:54

Alternative Academics presents:


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write to them

16-02-2005 10:49


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Fire of rage burns against Sheffield Hallam University (with pics this time)

14-02-2005 21:07

fake fire
Sheffield Hallam University used fake fire to draw attention to their take over of a public building tonight...