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Exclusive Interview with The Prince of Bhutan

12-11-2003 03:56

In a national exclusive, Anjool Malde interviews The Prince of Bhutan before his premature exit from Oxford.

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What is the MEATrix Neo?

12-11-2003 03:41

what is the MEATrix? babe, dolly?
this is a webs link to a excellent flash movie animation about
Factory Farming method's cruelty and health risks.

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Free education demo this thursday

05-11-2003 13:28

Charles Clarke, Education Minister, comes to Cambridge!

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Occupation at Sheffield University

05-11-2003 03:47

About 150 Sheffield University students, mostly first years, occupied earlier today (4/11)the University House. The intention is to stay in the building overnight. The occupation, which happened spontaneously and was self-organised by the students’ involved, is being held in protest against the University’s under-hand surplus charges on accommodation.

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indymedia films : Tuesday 4th November : Bath

01-11-2003 11:30

An ongoing showcase of contemporary filmmakers who are finding new forms of cinema to show resistance to globalisation throughout the world.

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Greenpeace ships in legal fight

01-11-2003 10:30


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Student Fees Demo

29-10-2003 17:03

30-40k protest against the rise in Tuition Fees.

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Madeleine Albright - Not welcome in Oxford

29-10-2003 11:26

IMC video comeing soon.

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Library State control - anarchist beliefs a crime?

24-10-2003 11:45

In Northampton library I tried to look at the Anarchist Book Fair website and was denied.

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Kings College Cambridge goes on rent strike

24-10-2003 11:04

In an open meeting the Kings College Student Union (Cambridge) has just
decided to support direct action taking the form of a rent strike, to
protest against the rent rises and the increased college costs that are
dumped on the students.

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Liverpool Students' Union says "FEES ARE PANTS!"

21-10-2003 13:19

The largest student led demonstration against student hardship will take place on Sunday 26th October. We want to say NO to tuition fees. No to top-up fees. NO to student hardship.

This is a battle which we can win by changing the minds of all but a few backbench MP's... it really is that simple.

Get your tickets from the Liverpool Students' Union - only £5 for a day trip to London on the coach.

Get Involved - Make a Difference - Make Yourself Heard.

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‘Make a Difference’ day - Saturday 25th October.

21-10-2003 13:13

St. Andrews Gardens
On Saturday 25th October, Liverpool Students' Union, liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool City Council are coming together for the National Make a Difference Day.
Involving students, staff and local residents and businesses, the Make a Difference Day will help promote unity between the local community and students.
Focussing on the environment the order of the day will be to clean up the area; ranging from litter-picking to graffiti removal and a general social day.
If you would like to get involved get down to St.Andrews Gardens at the top of Copperas Hill for 2 o'clock on Saturday... help us to help 'Make a Difference'.

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Corporate Watch job vacancy

21-10-2003 11:28

Job going at independent radical research co-operative in Oxford.

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Kings College and Political Reaction: a primer

21-10-2003 10:27

Some of you might have noticed that the Anti Capitalist Action (ACA) group is functional again . For the benefit of new Cambridge students, and the rest of the world it is worth reiterating how last year Kings College tried to kick them out, using bogus reason and a bogus process. This incident, that was qualified by some as a pure political trial, happened at the same time as Edward Said, the world renowned academic, was refused a honorary fellowship, apparently for being too vocal on issues surrounding the Middle East conflict.

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BBC Scotland: the ups and downs of the current program!

20-10-2003 13:46

BBC Scotland did not broadcast the "Revolution will not be televised" under the new title "Chavez- inside the coup" in the rest of Britain, an increidbly powerfull and educating documentary about the failed coup in Venezuela.

However, tomorrow,
BBC Frontline Scotland investigative program on the Glasgow housing stock transfer - tomorrow, Tuesday 21st October on BBC1 at 9:30pm

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Is it about to be the Christmas again?

15-10-2003 21:55

There is no such thing like justice or Law in this World in the end. Anyone saying else would be telling a lie. There are only abusers and used until you are powerful enough to protect yourself. Mr Professor, You would not mind telling them, why there should be Law and order?

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Black Block Lesson

14-10-2003 01:22

French BB lesson: How to us a T-shirt...

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Activist groups at Oxford University Freshers' Fair

11-10-2003 23:29

The Oxford University Freshers' Fair was a real success for the social justice and anti corporate globalization groups.

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New Bristol Youth Music Project

04-10-2003 14:27

Bristol Music Mentoring is a new youth music project being run by the Youth Music Action Zone under the Remix banner. It will provide aspiring teenage musicians with FREE access to advice, coaching and tuition from Music Industry Professionals. Participants will also have access to recording studios and the opportunity to gain experience in related areas such as engineering, journalism, management and production.

The Project will be launched at the Victoria Rooms on Queens Road on Wednesday the 22nd of October (7.15pm for 7.30pm) with performances and talks from local musicians and industry workers including the fabulous Jane Taylor.

YMAZ would appreciate any kind of publicity for the Project, particularly publicity in advance of the Launch Night in order to maximise attendance. Teachers, Youth Workers, Press and Musicians are all invited along with all Bristol teenagers who aspire to a career in the music industry.

Programme Contacts:

James Hutchinson (YMAZ) Remix Co-ordinator 07876795014

Theo Berry (Music Editor, Decode) Volunteer Co-ordinator 07881408844