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take action to save earth centre from council

19-11-2009 11:21

The council is set to sell the wasted yet wonderful earth centre, this can't happen we can't let them make this mistake, lining their greedy pockets again while destroying another beautiful community resource.

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Students thrown off English course at Manchester College

18-11-2009 16:51

Up to 300 students have been thrown off the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course at Manchester College. The college says this is because of “an unforeseen error in ESOL enrolment” and changes in government funding.

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Urban Cash or Urban Rash?

16-11-2009 09:28

UniLife, the less than critical in-house magazine of the University of Manchester, has heaped nothing but praise upon the Chancellor elected and installed last year, local property developer and chairman of the Urban Splash Group Tom Bloxham MBE.

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Map: squatted universities in Europe

14-11-2009 01:11

Map: squatted universities all in Europe

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Germany: 50 universities on strike / occupied

14-11-2009 00:54

Strikes and occupations in more than 50 german universities. student strikes also in Austria.

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Sussex Uni boycott of Israel receives international support

13-11-2009 10:27

Students at the University of Sussex have received messages of support from Palestinian grassroots organisations and Israeli and Jewish academics, following a decision by ballot to boycott Israeli goods.

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Action Beyond Leaders

10-11-2009 17:27

**Action Beyond Leaders**
-Empowering Students in the fight against Climate Change

Meeting on Friday 13th November at 1pm in RadCam square

Explore consensus decision making through an open meeting, planning for positive change in the university.
Have your say on climate change and the action that we need to take against it.

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8 UK universities boycott Fruit of the Loom in solidarity with workers

04-11-2009 19:41

Students demonstrate at Fruit of the Looms European HQ
8 UK Universities have boycotted Fruit of the Loom in solidarity with Honduran workers whose factory was closed to bust the union.

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One up the arse of the Pope

04-11-2009 12:56

Crucifix in classrooms or any other religious icon: Contrary to parents' right to educate their children in line with their convictions and to children's right to freedom of religion

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apple action at the earth centre

02-11-2009 22:08

Earlier today a group of activists took apple action and liberated a haul of delicious fruits from the abundant forest gardens at the derelict earth centre. Weeks of meaningless promises and blatant lies from Doncaster Council led the group of harvesters to take action.

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Students and residents camp to reclaim education at Nottingham University

02-11-2009 11:56

A week of workshops from 2-6 November promoting radical social change through education and direct action.

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Police censorship

01-11-2009 18:40

in west midlands,a police man decided that he,personally would decide what a cinema should show.

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Students Revolt in Austria Enters 10th Day

29-10-2009 22:58

Vienna – The Students Revolt in Austria which began last week with the occupation of the Vienna School of Art and spread wildly over the whole country entered today its 10th Day.

Today, four thousand people took the streets in Graz, in southeastern Austria, to protest against the continuing degradation of their study and living conditions. In early afternoon, the assembly-hall of the faculty of social sciences at Innsbruck University, in the federal state of Tyrol, was squatted by students. That means that, at the moment, lecture rooms and spaces at all principal Austrian universitys are occupied by student activists. Only the little university of Leoben, in Styria, which specializes in mining is not yet seized by the waves of protest.

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Palestinian Elected as Honorary President of LSE Students' Union

29-10-2009 22:17

Othman Sakallah, a Palestinian student who holds an offer to attend the London School of Economics (LSE) has tonight been elected as the Honorary President of the LSE Students' Union.

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Year of Democracy

29-10-2009 20:10

Year of Democracy
This Dundee Student Association campaign has been designed to fight student apathy. There has been great success so far but more is to come. Read on to find out about the amazing speakers they have confirmed!

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Climate Emergency Conference

29-10-2009 19:57

There will be Climate Emergency Conference at South Camden Community School on November 7th 2009. Vegans have pointed out the the meat and dairy industry contribution to Cliamte Chaos has not been included on the agenda for the meeting. So please attend if you have any contribution on the subject of carbon emissions via animal methane etc. 12 noon to 6pm, MEP speakers etc.

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D*I Radio: David Graeber Direct Action Book Launch

28-10-2009 16:49

Dissident Island
Dissident Island Radio presents...
A live broadcast panel discussion on direct action, anarchism and contemporary radical social struggle...
Taking place at LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, starting at 7pm with music from 9pm till 11pm.

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York Students Disrupt BAE Recruitment

27-10-2009 17:18

A group of nearly 20 students took part in a non-violent intervention against the arms company BAE at today's University-wide careers fair, by staging a die in and handing out leaflets to passers by. The group, members of University of York's DISARM campaign, used the action to highlight BAE's impending trial for corruption.

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LSE Students Disrupt Israeli Foreign Minister Lecture

26-10-2009 21:40

Students and activists protested and disrupted a lecture tonight at the London School of Economics (LSE) by Daniel Ayalon, the controversial Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel.