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Police censorship

@C@B | 01.11.2009 18:40 | Culture | Education | Repression | Birmingham | World

in west midlands,a police man decided that he,personally would decide what a cinema should show.

The film one day,set in the west midlands in a 24 hour pieriod of the jonsons gang and the burger bar boyz,has caused a storm of protest and controversy,espically in and around Birmingham where it is set. One police man took it upon himself to visit local cinemas advising them not to show this film. No doubt even before viewing the film. This police man has been traced,yet no action is to be taken against him for abusing his position of employment. We are obviously living in a POLICE STATE!!



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  1. Name him! — informer
  2. article is too short on information, so here it is — informer
  3. This has happened before... — Anonymous
  4. Where is this film going to be shown? — Pinkolady
  5. Showing.. somewhere — Anonymous