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Police censorship

@C@B | 01.11.2009 18:40 | Culture | Education | Repression | Birmingham | World

in west midlands,a police man decided that he,personally would decide what a cinema should show.

The film one day,set in the west midlands in a 24 hour pieriod of the jonsons gang and the burger bar boyz,has caused a storm of protest and controversy,espically in and around Birmingham where it is set. One police man took it upon himself to visit local cinemas advising them not to show this film. No doubt even before viewing the film. This police man has been traced,yet no action is to be taken against him for abusing his position of employment. We are obviously living in a POLICE STATE!!



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Name him!

01.11.2009 20:11

So, what's his name?


article is too short on information, so here it is

01.11.2009 20:17

I'm perhaps being naive assuming this isn't just an attempt at viral marketing, but this article is too short on information and assumes readers know what it is all about. Remember Who Where What When How Why!

It's a movie called "1Day" about a day in the life of black drug gangs in Birmingham, UK.

And it's the Burger Bar Boys and Johnson Crew

It was partly funded by Channel 4 and the National Lottery, and some parts of the right-wing press are accusing it of glamorising guns and drug gangs.


This has happened before...

02.11.2009 09:44

A couple of years ago a group of activists hosted a film and talk from Ramona Africa who is a member of the liberationary black anarchist group MOVE.

The film depicts the events which led up to the Philadelphia police murdering 6 adults and 5 children who were members of MOVE by fire bombing their house.

West Midlands police but pressure on the venue (The Drum in Newtown - the national centre for Black British Arts and Culture) to provide them with the contact details for the people who were putting on the event. Presumably the police were worried about any 'upheavals' there might be from showing a film depicting police racism and brutality in a predominantly black area.


Where is this film going to be shown?

02.11.2009 18:51

Anywhere further north than the West Midlands? I'd like to see it.


Showing.. somewhere

02.11.2009 20:37

I would recommend that you support your local independent cinema here and not see this at a multiplex, but for those who don't have one have a look here, there is a drop down list of showing cinemas on the right hand side:-