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Students and residents camp to reclaim education at Nottingham University

Resistance 101 | 02.11.2009 11:56 | Education

A week of workshops from 2-6 November promoting radical social change through education and direct action.

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'Students and residents camp to reclaim education at Nottingham University'

Students of the University of Nottingham and members of the wider Nottingham community, have organised "Resistance 101". A series of participatory workshops based around the questions we believe to be the most pressing in society today.

These workshops will take place in a small area of the University of Nottingham's campus, where we will camp for the duration of the week. Although the workshops will take place on campus, the workshops are open to all who wish to attend. We have chosen to locate our workshops on campus in order to highlight the differing forms of educations that are offered by Resistance 101 and by the University system.

Resistance 101 has no corporate ties, thus its aims are not compromised by the possibility of financial gain.

Resistance 101 performs no research which enables the development of the arms trade. Resistance 101 does not have its food provided by people who profit from the running of detention centres. Resistance 101 does not leave its participants in thousands of pounds in debt. Resistance 101 does not privilege the knowledge and experiences of the rich over those of the poor. Resistance 101 aims for inclusively over selectivity. Resistance 101 seeks to challenge rather than maintain the hierarchies of society and the borders in which we are contained.

The students and residents want to create an educational atmosphere that they feel the University does not provide.

This week is one which we will nurture our ideas through self-education, throughout the week we will encourage others to participate and welcome their input into all the discussions. We will leave the site in which we will camp in the same condition in which we find it, and treat the location and the people who work within it with respect and consideration. The aims of this week are to educate ourselves as autonomous individuals in a collective way.

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