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Situ type destruction. AN ADD ON: London 9th December 2010

21-12-2010 23:30

revolt against plenty's dave and stu on 'student' demos

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Student: Why I am protesting

21-12-2010 13:27

David Cameron recently wrote in the Evening Standard, ‘Before protesting, students need to get the facts straight.’ There is an establishment theory that the student protests are a knee-jerk reaction to reform. They claim that the student actions are ‘hysterical’ and ‘ill-informed’: basically, we don’t know what we’re talking about. Students just want an excuse for a ruckus, the theory goes; we are bored of daytime TV and binge drinking, so we’ll try rioting for an adrenalin-filled change.

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This rage is the only future we have! Thoughts on 14th December protests in Ital

20-12-2010 19:43

In the last few days I’ve read, listened to and watched a lot of stuff about the student protests in Italy, and especially the huge demonstrations of 14th December, when Rome was set on fire by thousands of beautiful, angry youth. With few exceptions, the Italian media have been doing what they do best: Attacking, twisting, distorting, diminishing, LYING. No surprise there. I can’t see a reason why the Videocrat and his court would like to have angry people on the streets, unless it was the new generation of Black Shirts they’ve been breeding during the last few years. There have been attacks from other sides too, unfortunately. Roberto Saviano, the writer of the bestseller “Gomorrah” (you’ll have heard of the movie!), wrote a letter to the “left wing” newspaper La Repubblica, in which he attacked the students using the same old refrain we already know: The police’ violence was horrible, but it was the violent protesters’ fault. A few black sheep ruined the whole peaceful movement, and so on…

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20/12 london protest called by EDL; destructive political rumour-frenzy!!!

20-12-2010 15:28

An explanation of what went wrong with the 20th of december london protest and what implications this might have for future protests...

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Two more milestones for Animal Rights Zone (ARZone).

20-12-2010 03:13

International abolitionist animal rights social network, Animal Rights Zone, is one year old on 21st December 2010 - and has also just reached 1500 registered members.

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save EMA!

19-12-2010 19:22

At our school, Beckfoot in Bingley we decided more needed to be done about the cuts so we organised a silent protest in aim of Saving EMA. We got hundreds of students turning up and even some teachers showing their support.

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Banner Drop in St. Andrews (Photos!)

17-12-2010 16:22

15/09/2010 For IMMEDIATE RELEASE ST ANDREWS activists ascended up to the University's Main Library to freely display their message to the public...that is until authorities tear down their banner.

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Queen Mary University ceases to invest in arms

17-12-2010 14:19

Queen Mary University of London divests from the arms trade and adopts an ethical investment policy.

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BBC close Jody McIntyre blog

16-12-2010 18:11

The BBC are so afraid of discussion of their activities that they have now closed the blog

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Guerrilla Orchestra - Birmingham musicians & students protest against cuts

16-12-2010 15:55

At 18.00 on Friday 10th December musicians staged a 'Guerrilla Orchestra' in Birmingham city centre in protest of cuts to higher education, the Arts Council, and local councils, another longer video of the action...

Click here to view video..

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Pro student letter in todays Northern Echo

16-12-2010 13:51

In response to the right and far right polutting newspaper letters pages and message boards with anti student crap its time we took them on.

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Day X3 student protests UK: My eyewitness account

16-12-2010 13:19

I've tried to keep to what I saw rather than why it might have happened (except where I can't resist). It's in sections so you can scroll to what you want to know about. You may wish to make a cuppa - I know I did. Comments, clarification and reposting all very welcome. All timings are very approximate (I have no idea where 7pm went, for example) and certain details have been changed to protect the innocent!

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The day after…update on student protests

15-12-2010 18:47

The Senate has confirmed today – The Gelmini reform will be discussed next Monday 20th December, the final vote will be on the Wednesday. Today there have been more protests. In Naples a spontaneous demo erupted this morning, blocking the city centre. Students occupied the Anfiteatro Campano and other monuments, where they hung a banner saying “Future Thieves” (playing on the title of the famous 1948 neorealist film “Bycicle Thieves”). A public assembly has been set for this Saturday to discuss what to do in view of the Senate’s vote.

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A message of Solidarity to British Students - From Iranian Students

14-12-2010 23:12

In response to a solidarity massage to Iranian students from occupant students in the universities of UCL, Manchester, Sheffield, SOAS, Brighton, Goldsmiths and Bath:
( Iranian students inside the country as well as those studying abroad have drawn up a message of solidarity to the British students who are protesting against cuts and privatisation of Education system as well as universities.

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Media Lens: What Happened To Academia? - Part 1

14-12-2010 22:12

Exchanges With Piers Robinson of The University Of Manchester

What happened to academia? In 2008, Terry Eagleton, formerly Professor of English Literature at Manchester University, wrote:

"By and large, academic institutions have shifted from being the accusers of corporate capitalism to being its accomplices. They are intellectual Tescos, churning out a commodity known as graduates rather than greengroceries." (Eagleton, 'Death of the intellectual,' Red Pepper, October 2008)

He added:

"The logic of the commodity has now penetrated into the sphere of human needs and nurture, breeding pathological symptoms there. In universities, as in transnational corporations, a largely disaffected labour force confronts a finance-obsessed managerial elite."

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14/12/2010: An account of today's protests in Italy

14-12-2010 22:02

It’s difficult to make out a clear picture of what’s been happening today, when Italian websites and blogs are still being inundated with of updates, reports, pictures and videos. While Berlusconi was narrowly winning a vote of confidence in Parliament (314 to 311…3 fucking votes!), thousands of people took to the streets to protest once again against the Gelmini reform and the government.

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14 december: Push Berlusconi Out! Milan, Italy

14-12-2010 07:06

14 december: Push Berlusconi Out! Milan, Italy

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Police misconduct: Green Black Cross launches appeals for information.

13-12-2010 18:45

Witness police brutality/misconduct in the student demos? Visit the website and get in touch...

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Students Occupy Hull University

13-12-2010 15:39

Students in Hull have taken action in protest against the coalition governments cuts in education and beyond, fearing a long-lasting and detrimental effect on a whole generation. The loss of EMA and the destruction of university funding are two of the concerns that have led a group of student protesters to occupy Hull University's central Staff House complex. Now banners fly from the windows, and the students are digging in for the long haul.

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Capitalism is dying, let it burn – Report From the Front Line of the London Mob

12-12-2010 18:43

A London College Student Writes:

Having successfully escaped my college before they attempted to imprison us again, following the events of the 24th, when our tyrant deputy head locked the gates, resulting in many of us just climbing over them anyway, I began my journey to Malet Street.