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McCarthy-style Purges in a South African university?

06-08-2008 08:45

Centre for Civil Society
On 30 July, the staff of the Centre for Civil Society (CCS) at Durban's University of KwaZulu Natal, were told that as of 31 December 2008, CCS would be permanently closed. As the following article suggests, reasons for this are shoddy at best, and clearly point to this being a political decision on the part of the University to snuff out its left brain.

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Free Food Give Away - 31st July 2008

06-08-2008 00:11

The Nottingham Animal Rights crew take great tasting vegan food to the masses and get the facts out about McDonalds. The overwhelming majority of the public are delighted by delicious food and more than slightly concerned by the dubious ethical practices of everybody's least favourite (alright KFC & Burger King, joint least...) fast food chain.

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Occupation of ARK by Wembley teachers in pictures.

04-08-2008 16:29

"Lets go to work..."
On Friday teachers from Wembley who are militantly opposed to their local sports ground being turned into a Thatcher inspired nightmare called ‘City Academy’ occupied the offices of ARK the company who will immediately benefit from this appalling decision.

Shit that’s a long sentence, my English teacher would be disgusted…. anyway the teachers in question are just a little bit tired of not having their calls returned. So decided to make their representations in person.

Details and further hilarity below:

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London FreeSchool Week

04-08-2008 10:05

A week long London FreeSchool event will be taking place between the 1st and 7th of September 2008 with workshops, discussions and skill-sharing. Themes will include Food, Creative Arts, Permaculture, Gender, Science and Languages. The event will be completely free and open to all people willing to respect the ideals of the free school and each other. if you would like to facilitate or suggest a workshop, skill-share or discussion then please let us know by the 25th august at the very latest. if you are not london based then why not arrange something in your own town?

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Wembley Sports Ground Occupation Being Evicted: protestors physically assaulted

04-08-2008 06:26

Baliffs have used heavy-handed force to evict protestors at the anti-Academy occupation of Wembley Sports Ground this morning, with allegations of physical assault. Members of the press have also been physically assaulted. There is video evidence.

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Wembley Park Sports Ground Camp and Business Eviction 5am Tomorrow

03-08-2008 22:05

Brent Council will enter Wembley Sports Ground 5am tomorrow morning with police backup to evict the GRASS protestors and the businesses who refused last week's eviciton orders.

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Carbon Die Oxide: The Epilogue

31-07-2008 18:30

Air supply needed in downtown London
despite increase in bicycles.

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GRASS Call Out: Occupy and Save Wembley Park Sports Ground From Privateers

31-07-2008 15:08

The press release from Grass Roots Alliance for Social Sports (GRASS) who have currently occupied the Wembley Park Sports Ground on Bridge Road and Forty Avenue in North London in protest of private Academy school investor Ark gaining control of the sports fields, taking away valuable green space and amenities from the coummunity.

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Eviction Postponed for Wembley Sports Ground; New Threats

31-07-2008 13:48

Barricade At Proposed Construction Site Entrance
On Wednesday morning the Wembley Sports Ground occupiers and local businesses saw off council workers, who came to evict the local businesses as part of a simplistic divide-and-conquer manuever, but were forced to back off and postpone the eviction 'til Friday.

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Call-Out 2 Climate Campers: on route, visit Wembley Sports Ground Occupation

31-07-2008 06:20

If you are on yr way to the Climate camp, why not stop off at the wembley recreation ground tent occupation that is already up and running. Support needed.
A short video of one GRASS campaigner can be seen here.

Wembley Tent City Occupation, Forty Avenue, Wembley:
Nearest Tube: Wembley Park (Metropolitan Line)
Turn left out the station, walk up the hill to main junction on Bridge Rd, turn left, walk 100 metres, turn left into the gate way to Wembley Park Sports Ground and you're there.

Buses: From Central London: 18 from Euston to Sudbury and then the 182 to
Wembley Park Station (the N18 runs past Sudbury. Get off at Wembley
triangle from which Bridge Road is a 15 minute walk past Wembley Arena).
Other routes: 83 from Golders Green Stn, 302 from Kensal Rise Stn, 297
from Willesden Bus Garage.

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Free Skool Week in September

30-07-2008 14:46

There will be a meeting this friday, 1st August, at Bowl Court Social Centre to organise a week long free skool in London at the beginning of September.

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Digital Freedom in Education & Youth - North West :: First Meeting

29-07-2008 22:00

DFEY-NW[1] (Digital Freedom in Education & Youth - North West), the North West of England's first group focusing on young people and issues of freedom in the digital world is looking forward to it's first meeting EVER in August.

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Wembley Sports Ground: GRASS Call Out - Council Fascists Evict Businesses

28-07-2008 16:48

Barricade - Ain't Nothing Coimng In
The New Wembley Park Sports Ground Campaigners have made a call out for more assistance. Barricades are going up, already halting today's work on the privatised Ark Academy school. Meanwhile, the council have appeared and hit the five businesses, including the sports ground itself, with immediate eviction.

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Smash School Privatisation: Wembley Sports Ground Re-Occupied - Support Needed

27-07-2008 14:29

Wembley Sports Ground - Re-Occupied
First report from the Wembley Sports Ground Anti-Academy Camp. Support Needed.
Save The Sports Ground. Save The Community Green Space. No To School Privatisation. No To Education For Profit.

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Smash School Privatisation: Wembley Sports Ground Re-Occupied, AGAIN!

27-07-2008 10:52

Following the recent residents and local teachers' resistance to the privatised Wembley Ark Academy school plans, this morning an independent group of "concerned citizens" re-occupied the Wembley Park Sports Ground.

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Smash School Privatisation: Next Step In The Anti-Academy Campaign

26-07-2008 15:19

Following last week’s actions against the privatisation of UK education in Wembley, North West London, a new call out by campaigners to re-squat the land and put another obstacle in the way of Blair’s profitable education program, centring the campaign against school privatisation right under the nose of the new Wembley Stadium.

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It’s Chilling: Iraq Before Liberation

25-07-2008 18:58

Often forgotten are the children whom the British Government also sought to "liberate" before rendering an estimated 4.5 million extra Iraqi children as orphans through "liberation"

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Smash School Privatisation: The Wembley Tent City Eviction

22-07-2008 16:00

Friday 18 July 2008: At 6.30am council bailiffs arrived with ten police officers at Wembley Sports Ground on Bridge Road to evict Brent NUT and ATL Secretary Hank Roberts. He was locked by the neck to the sports hall rooftop flagpole. Below is the press release and a video used with kind permission of freelance video and print journalist Jason Parkinson. EVICTED WITH PRIDE - The campaign continues.

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The State Religion of Competition

22-07-2008 12:11

The inevitability or desirability of competition is a myth. Competition is learned and not part of our nature. Cooperation makes possible top performance, not competition. The alternative to No.1 is not No.2 but rejecting the whole mania of rankings. Masculinity really has nothing to do with hitting a golf ball in a hole.